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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by 69mach1, Sep 6, 2006.

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    just having seen you post much lately..i know your busy...but i wondered how was the attorney's advice on your current employment situation...? if you want to divulge it if not that is cool too..

    i hope it turned out favorable and promissing...

    i have a psych test again..on vocab...so far i am getting an a in the class...but i haven't finished reading my chpater on neuroscience...interesting at least

    lots of hugs

  2. 69mach1

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    i read about your post on the studying for exam...so glad you are doing that...

    i take my psych exam tomarrow at 12:30 pm....everyone took theirs today...i went through drd...

    so they can monitor me at that time on friday...

    well gonna go over my note cards etc...

    oh math..darn it all i got a b....on the quiz the others are all a's...and the one that i got b on...i had factored it out correctly..but added an extra 2 when i placed it out on the answer blank..

    fibro fog..

    keep going another month and you will be outta there...and by the way how long do you need to wait for the test results?

    and you will be an official social worker correct?

  3. 69mach1

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    now when you pass you exams, which you will..will you have a particular specialty...?

    will you be counseling of sorts...or tanf, or child welfare?

    just curious..

    i met w/state voc rehab counselor on friday...and she was telling me she didn't think i would be able to do the dental hygiene because of not only my hands and elbows shoulders..but my neck..

    but she said if i wanted to be a a teacher or an attorney..don't let anyone stop me from it...she said everyone case is different...

    so i have to do some battle w/kaiser hmo insurance. on the 20th of this month...i want carpal surgery and elbow mri atleast...

    then i will go to membership to raise classy heck...

    then i will try to find out another plan...to get on..

    i am tired of hurting...

    so as far as school...i will find out how i did on my quiz in psch...i think i got them all correct..so we'l know tomarrow..

    math is going well too...

    then i have the voice talking software program class to do...that is credit or no credit...so that should be fine...

    then the state voc rehab lady said she would be able to put in request for certain software programs...for instance if i wanted to be a book keeper...then dragon has one so i only have to speak and not type...

    well i need to get off from this and go read...i am so fricking tired,,,i have been runnning that low grade fever...you know the one we get..

    talk later..

    hugs and i am so proud of you


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