Hi frends.. Iam starting a SOMERSIZING support post :)

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    "YES" that is right you do not have to weigh, count, or anything else......

    the BIG thing on this eating plan is that you can eat as much as you want to !!!!!!!!!!Suzanne says that you should eat until you are "comfortably full"....

    SOMERSIZING is basically cutting out all forms of foods with SUGAR and a lot of WHITE starches!

    and also the combining of foods....I mean you CAN have the carbs but they must be GOOD carbs.....do you understand that part of it?:)....just incase let me give you an example ok:)

    Lets say you want to have a bowl of shredded wheat cereal ( which you CAN have ) since shredded wheat is a carbo you CANNOT mix it with a fat which whole milk would be...so you have to put NON fat milk on your cereal and if you want to sweeten it you use splenda or stevia or somersweet!

    Now you have your cereal for breakfast ( and this goes for any other carbos meal) and then for lunch you want to have a bunLESS hamburer ( wrapped in lettuce) that is a protein/fat meal so you have to allow three hours inbetween switching back and forth from a carbos meal to a protein/fats meal and vise versa!

    I know you are getting so sick of me saying this ..but I really think you will be pleasantly surprised not only what you CAN eat but when the weight starts dropping off how good it makes you feel!

    Also ...you asked me about the green tea and caffeine....my capsules do not have caffeine as an ingredient.....I got mine from wal-mart!

    Delores sweetie.....Let me know if you have any more questions :)

    Just to let you all know IN AND OUT hamburgers has what is called a "protein style" low carb burger...and they are pretty good!:)

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    Yes that darn caffeine will give you a headache!

    I had one for a solid week!!!!!!!!for the first two days I had a few sips of caffeine since my head hurt so bad....funny how just a few sips made the headache go away....but now it has been almost three weeks and I do not miss it! In fact I feel better...not so many highs and lows :)

    About the bread crumbs...my suggestion would be to add a little more egg and mix up some dried onion, parmesan cheese and spices....................

    ..I know that does not sound like much but in one of SUZANNES books (that I have in my storage unit and NEED to get out LOL) it has a recipe for fried chicken and she uses a combination of dried onion, parmesan cheese and spices to coat the chicken in instead of bread crumbs!

    Another thing you could add is CHEESE in addition to the parmesan cheese you could put jack and cheddar! YUMMY!

    How exciting about your trip....I do wish you so much fun when you go!!!!!!!LUCKY YOU!!!!!!!! Your twins sound so cute...they just love you and want you to have fun "Mom"!:)

    But you will do well on this....just like I told Delores....I think everyone is going to be very happy when they see all of the GOOD things they CAN eat and then to get on the scale and see the weight dropping off is like a miracle!:)

    Two people just today told my son they could tell he has lost "a lot of weight"!!!!!!!!and this is his third week ONLY that is how good this works!

    Well Missy LOL let me know if you have any more questions...did you say you do have Suzanne's book?

    I like the Slim and sexy forever the best of all of them and I have them all!:) but Iam also having the hormone thing going on and that book elaborates on that!:)

    If I do not talk to you before you go on your trip PLEASE have a great time......be safe and when you get back I want to hear all about it.....maybe you can even post a picture for all of us!:)


    I had to come back and edit this because I went back and re-read your post and I about died laughing!

    about your pump comment! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!Iam notarious for saying that I wish I could just go to a good plastic surgeon and have them turn me upside down and staple me into place!HAHAHAHAH gravity is not our friend in our "golden years" :) "Doxy winks"!

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    I looked up the thing about the fruit just to be sure and Suzanne says to eat fruit alone and if you are going to follow it with a carbos meal wait 20 min!

    If you are following it with a pro/fats meal wait one hour!:) I still have to look in the book myself to make sure :)

    Is the spaghetti sauce you are talking about "HUNTS"????it says "no sugar added" and it also says carb friendly on the label?????that is the one I use also! :)

    Everyone Janalyn is right once you get this down it is so easy ....actually I have never found an eating plan that has so many things you CAN have that are good!!!!!

    No matter where my husband and I go to eat I can always find something I can eat......and most restaurants are happy to ablige your requests :)

    Like instead of a baked potato I order all vegetables....sometimes I ask for a salad with my dinner and I ask them to add cheese to it YUMMY and yes you can have that!!!!!!!!!

    When my family gets pizza I usualy order an antipasto salad and then take the cheese and toppings off of the slices of pizza so I get plenty full! and do not really feel deprived...

    as far as snacks go you can keep celery sticks in the fridge and dip them in ranch dressing or italian if you do not like ranch just make sure it has no sugars....

    hard boiled eggs are a great snack....cheese sticks are good ( like mozzarella sticks)

    another snack that is REALLY good is take a non stick pan and coat that with non stick spray.....then cook jack and cheddar cheese until it is completly melted together and cooked well about 5 to 7 min take it out and dab it lightly with a paper towel then break it into pieces just like chips! I like to dip mine in sour cream YUMMY!

    Sugar free jello is good but watch it as it does have NO nutritional value....

    Ok I better be quiet for now...hahaha I will be posting more ideas ....

    PLEASE everyone feel free to jump in here with your ideas....." the more the merrier"!!!!

    Ok one more thing....I have found a LOT of recipe ideas just by googling SOMERSIZING recipes!!! and you could also just google lo carb recipes and probably find even more!

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    I do not know your age...but for me since Iam 50 and having hormone issues I have found Suzanne's book "SLIM AND SEXY FOREVER" my all time favorite and I have almost ALL of her books!

    She also has these books:
    Fast and Easy
    Eat,Cheat and Melt the fat away.
    Eat Great, Lose Weight
    Get Skinny

    I believe her book " The sexy years" is more about JUST hormone isses and sex( but I may be wrong that is the only one of her books I do not have)....

    Anyhow I think that ANY of her books will help you out...and you can always do like me and delores ...and get more than one! LOL it is kind of a fun thing to get a new Suzanne Somers book! LOL

    But I agree with you completly that having the book will definately help you to understand.....believe me I have read all of the books I have of hers and I still go back to them to re-read things or make reference to something I forgot!:)

    I hope I have helped you...

    If you have any more questions "bring em on" hahahah!
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    How's your Somersizing going? I'm having a little trouble giving up a funky food--peanut butter. I only have a tablespoon like every other day on an apple, so not only is it funky, it's bad food combining!! I have to stop this nasty habit! And that's where I get into trouble....

    I am just so exhausted, trying to deal with chronic insomnia and my feet and hands constantly hurting--I am in a huge flare, which diminishes my appetite anyway. If this flare continues, I won't have to Somersize. With all the dieting I've done in my life, I should be hanging from a charm bracelet. I swear, nothing comes easy for me!!! Just a little diet venting I guess...

    Anyway, let me know how yours is going.

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    I believe you asked what you could use instead of breadcrumbs, when cooking.

    If I remember correctly, you can crush up pork rinds and use them. They are carb free. I've heard positive remarks from people who have tried it! Even if you dislike them, they don't taste the same, when used in cooking.

    Maybe I should get started again! I have the book and was using it a couple months ago, but cheated,just a tad. Of course, there was hardly a weight loss! I've lost on this plan before, but like you, found it difficult the second time to lose.

    It's hard for me not to eat fruit for two weeks! It's
    worth a try again!,

    Hope you start feeling better soon! Not a fun way to lose weight.. Really laughed at your 'charm bracelet' comment! The visual is hysterical!

    Hope this helps!

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    Hi Doxy!

    Thank you for responding to my posts and for inviting me over here! I glanced through the posting and it is a lot to try to absorb right now; I think I will will read a little bit at a time 'cause my concentration is "zilch" right now. (Lots of pain at the moment.)

    I sure hope that I can afford to do this plan, (both energy wise and financially), 'cause my Sweetie wants me to continue to cook full meals for him and his 23 yr old son if I decide to cook for myself under this plan...that is a lot of work!

    It makes me sad right now, 'cause he knows how much I really, really need to do something to help my weight and I think this is a great way to go, but to "double shop" and to "double cook" is going to be tough 'cause Mike does not want to eat anything on this plan...he does not need to loose weight. :(

    Oh well...I will read more later, I just wanted you to know that I am trying to get aboard!

    Big Hug!

    Tropical Girl
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    I appreciate this thread, and you for taking time to do this!

    Is there going to be a new thread for each week, or will we continue on this one?

    I'm giving this a try, again, and hoping for more self control, etc!

    Have fun in Vegas, and a early Happy Birthday to your son!



    PS.. does green tea make you 'jittery'?
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    Sweetie Iam so sorry that you are having a rough time!:)

    Please refresh my memory are you on any kind of pain meds?....If you are not maybe you should consider taking something mild for now????

    I know that some people would just rather not and I respect that I honestly do....BUT for me my pain is WAY too bad to not be on pain medications and I have always been one of those people who would never even take an aspirin if I did not have to !

    Now I take two different pain meds every single day and Iam working to find an emergency pain med to keep me out of the emergency room when I get really bad!

    Anyhow enough of my lecture LOL LOL I just hope so much that you are feeling better soon.....BTW go to the health food store and get some "NATURAL CHERRY JUICE"..no sugar or additives at all....and drink a few ounces a day....

    Over the years there have been some posts about cherry juice because it does help some!

    "Ok missy"...about the apple with peanut butter...honestly I do not think that is that awful!

    My son has had a bowl full of rice krispies a few times with non fat milk and splenda ( rice krispies really are not ok) but he is just losing away! Iam so proud of him.....his face looks almost like a different person ....and this is his third week ONLY!!!!!

    So....if the apple and peanut butter is your only CHEAT it may not halter your losing ?????

    TY for asking how Iam doing on SOMERSIZING here you do not feel good and your asking about me!!!!!!!!!!!

    Iam doing wonderful and do not think this week I have lost any more weight....BUT that happens and then all of a sudden a few pounds will just drop off easily so Iam hanging in there...

    Yesterday I received my barbeque sauce and ketchup I ordered from Suzanne somers.com and it is really good both of them!

    "OK" I broke down and did buy the hot fudge sauce after all LOL LOL after I said I changed my mind...well I changed it again LOLOLOL

    It is pretty good also.....not anything like the real stuff with sugar IMO but for a low carb thing it will do just fine! I had a couple of spoonfuls last night hahahaha

    I will tell you one thing it curbs your chocolate cravings if you have them "yummy" hahaha

    Thanks again for asking about me.....I really hope your feeling better soon....don't forget to try the cherry juice and also try soaking in a hot tub with epsoms salt....that really helps me when Im flaring badly!

    Love and hugs:)

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    You are so welcome ....I don't mind doing this at all....I just wish more people would give it a chance it really works and would help a lot.....

    Also thank you for wishing my son a happy birthday! he is so cute...( you already know he is autistic right?) well everyday he comes in my bedroom while Im putting on my make up and I can see him looking at himself sideways in my big mirror in my bedroom hahahahaha he is so proud of his weight loss! and it just makes my heart smile to see him feel so happy!

    As far as making a new thread every week I was thinking that we should do a new one every week....what do you think?

    I feel like the posts get too long and then it takes so much time to get to the end of them....if we make a new one every week it will be so much easier to go through them at least that is my feeling....

    BUT I will do what everyone else wants me to do so just let me know!

    Iam so happy that you are giving this another try.....and I do hope that doing this together will help all of us :)

    I hope to start posting recipes in the next day or two.....I am taking my son for the day tomorrow out of town.....so I may do it at night if I can ....but if not then I will try for Friday:)

    Ok...thank you again for your post and for thinking of me:)

    I hope you stay with us!

    BIG HUGS:)
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    Iam so happy that you made it over here :) "YAY"

    I understand about it looking kind of confusing but really it is not......is there any way you could get one of Suzannes books?

    That may help you more than looking at it on the post here? I know for me I still refer to her book from time to time just to make sure on things ya know the fibrofog thing does not make it any easier.....

    But just to let you know if you really want to do this I will help you in any way that I can....even if it means coming on here every single day and answering numerous questions for you I will be happy to do it if it will help you!:)

    So I want you to know that!!!!!!!!!!

    I just was mentioning on my post to Kim that Iam hoping to start putting up some recipes so maybe that will help you too?:)

    Thank you again for posting to me and for coming over to check things out....and remember this eating plan WORKS so Iam here to help you if you need me!:)

    Hugs and happy thoughts
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    Hello girls!

    There are tons of great recipes in Suzanne's books and on the web.
    However - don't let it stop you from starting if you don't have the books. I rarely cooked from her recipes!
    You can do this very easily - you just have to know the premise behind the 'way of eating'.
    No sugar and do not mix your protein and carbs.

    Eat that cheeseburger - don't eat a bun.
    Eat a chicken salad
    Eggs, bacon, sausage - an omelette with tons of veggies is AOK!
    Whole wheat pasta with a marinara sauce, whole wheat bread and a big salad.
    Italian sausage with peppers and onions and provolone cheese (one of our favorites here)
    You can have egg salad without the bun - just put in a bowl with lettuce - or tuna salad -
    chicken - fix it almost any way you like (I can't list all of the ways) just remember no sugar, no bread crumbs.

    You can have butter- I happen to love melted butter on my steak (weird). Bleu cheese dressing is very low in sugar - some brands have O grams of sugar.
    Sugar free jello with sugar free cool ship for a snack.
    Other snacks, mozzarella cheese sticks,
    roll up some turkey breast with cheese

    I THINK Natural peanut butter is ok- Doxy will you check on that? Adam's is the brand I have bought before.

    Surprisingly - no carrots, corn or bananas. - have tons of sugar.
    When grocery shopping, look for 0 or 1 gram of sugar.

    BTW Doxy - the spaghetti sauce I was talking about wasn't Hunt's - I think it might have been Classico.

    Good Luck!
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    I am learning every DAY! I monitor my weight daily - and that way I can tell what I may be doing wrong...which was - yesterday NOT waiting long enough between eating some cheese and then some fat free greek yogurt! i think i am going to be better off eating pro-fat dinner and then having pro-fat snack! at least I am going to try that. Love this site.
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    only thing is - on the original Somersize - NO AVOCADO - but whatever. we each have our own opinions. i am doing the original somersize which i had done before - so...
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    love it all - just have to get more able to KNOW the rules and not have to keep looking them up - I do know pretty much about pro-fat meals and the rules about how to eat fruits. love being able to eat a few pieces of all natural rye bread with non fat greek yogurt for a snack (meal) as long as 3 hours between any other meal! treat!
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    I've done this before and have returned because it's a healthy diet for elevated cholesterol. Mine isn't that high but it's higher than it was and my good cholesterol has dropped. I love protein and veggies so this diet is no problem for me. Carbs for me are either gluten free cereal with fruit or just fruit by itself. I don't combine fats with carbs. I have fat-free yoghurt with the fruit in it. I stay away from most sugar substitutes and drink water. I've been having a small glass of red wine instead of white and I snack on almonds. I still have to add the aerobic exercise but it's too cold right now and I'm exhausted from cleaning. I'll get to it in a few days. I love to run in the shallow end of our pool. Easy on my old arthritic joints.

    Love, Mikie
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    Thanks Doxy!! I thought peanut butter is not allowed? I saw it in a post? Also, I thought she added olives to permitted food in her more recent book..please clarify.
  20. Mikie

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    Most of the health gurus and docs on PBS now recommend peanut butter. I don't know about olives.

    What I've adopted since my last post is just a healthy diet of good protein, veggies and fruit. I have a bit of bread and pasta but not much. I'm more interested in keeping my blood sugar down than in losing weight.

    What caused me to drop 30 pounds rapidly was running in the shallow end of our pool for 30 minutes, at the targeted heart rate, three times a week. I removed unhealthy carbs as well.

    Sunflower recommended a book by Suzy Cohen, Diabetes Without Drugs. She allows a bit of whole wheat pasta and bread now and then.

    I think all these low-carb diets are OK but not in the fast-track phase unless it's only done for two weeks in the beginning. Most of these diets are like the Mediterranean Diet. Any one of them will help with health and weight. I found that when my goal was good health, instead of weight loss, I was much more successful.

    Good luck to everyone.

    Love, Mikie