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Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by minimonkey, Jun 19, 2006.

  1. minimonkey

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    Hi to my old pals here! Some of you may remember me from the fibro-board a while back -- I pretty much quit going there after I discovered I had Lyme, (and there was a bit of nastiness between the Lyme folks and the fibro folks, too)--

    Anyhow, today I thought I'd check to see how everyone was holding up, and I found out that there is a Lyme board here -- how wonderful! I'll make a point of checking this site regularly too.
  2. HppeandMe

    HppeandMe New Member

    Hi Minimonkey!

    I am not sure if I had ever spoken to you before but I am sure everyone is curious as to how you are since you stopped posting.

    If you are feeling better please tell us what you have been doing and how long you had Lyme.

    Welcome back!!
  3. minimonkey

    minimonkey New Member

    I am feeling so incredibly much better after 5 months of aggressive treatment for lyme (and recently babesiosis, too). I have my life back!!!

    I just posted my whole regimen on another thread, so I won't repeat it here -- but suffice it to say, I am so grateful to finally be treating the problem instead of just the symptoms!

    I have had lyme at least since a tick-bite and rash in 1988 (in an endemic area, but I didn't know it at the time) -- but more likely since birth, as my mom has it too, and was symptomatic before I was born. I have a lot of sx dating back to childhood, but they got a lot worse in 1988.

    Anyhow, I'm feeling remarkably better! The first few weeks of treatment were really tough, but now it seems to be a steady climb towards feeling better and better!
  4. HppeandMe

    HppeandMe New Member

    I am so glad to hear that things are working for you, and so fast!

    Yes you posted your regiman on my post Biacillan Injections. I also have a new post on there for some advice. The post is called I am so Angry.

    You see I am seeing a new LLMD because he is much closer to my home. My last LLMD was going to put me on Biacillan Injections. I have been gung-ho about getting on Biacillan.

    My new LLMD states that most people are not getting well on Biacillan and he has prescribed other meds. I am not sure if I should go back to my old LLMD or not. I don't know if you have a minute to go back to my post "Biacillan Injections" and read my latest post called "I Am So Angry" to see if you can give me any advice. I am so sick and confused about what to do.

    I am thrilled that you are getting better!!! That must be an amazing feeling!!!
  5. HppeandMe

    HppeandMe New Member

    Sorry... One other thing did you have any positives after being sick for so long? If so what tests came back positive and what lab did you use?

    I won't be a pest anymore:)
  6. minimonkey

    minimonkey New Member

    See my answer on your Bicillin thread.
  7. victoria

    victoria New Member

    I remember you too.

    Treatment may not seem that quick, to you?, but my son has been on abx for 13 months now. Some things have gotten a bit better but not a lot overall...

    seems as tho he is cognitively herxing tho to the meds for bartonella, this may be a key to his getting better finally.

    Just curious, for the record (I'm kinda keeping an informal poll in my head lolol) and it may be of help to others just learning about this--

    I've read elsewhere about people finally coming up positive on Western Blot after starting treatment for a while , as I'm sure you have--

    Did yours come up positive right away the first time, or later after treatment began?


  8. minimonkey

    minimonkey New Member

    Victoria --

    First, yes, I'm aware that my improvement has been very fast compared to many others' -- I'm very happily surprised by that fact! I've been sick so long that I thought it would take a lot longer to really see results.

    second -- I tested CDC positive right away (positive on 9 bands!)through IgeneX. I have heard the same thing about some people needing to go on abx for a bit before seeing a positive test --- I think it all really depends on where your body is in relation to the illness --- for whatever reason, my body was kicking out a ton of antibodies when I got tested. In the end, what matters is how one responds to the treatment, not the test results. Some very sick people never see a positive test -- their immune systems are just too compromised to fight the disease until much later in treatment, from what I've read.
  9. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Results are what count -

    but you know how people go into denial...

    I am so happy my son came up totally positive as well - 2X 6 months apart and first time was at initial interview (not sure if all 9 bands, but satisfied CDC's requirements)

    --or he would've probably not continued treatment as it has been such slow going.

    I have read about other people getting a positive, even twice in a row, and deciding they are 'false positives' and not even trying treatment... to me that is extreme denial!

    So glad you are doing better so quickly, usually all I hear is the reverse! Heartening to hear your story!


  10. kellyann

    kellyann New Member

    We are glad to have your here! Not glad you're sick but, you know what I mean! There are some awesome people on here that are full of helpful information. They are just terrific!

    I hope to see lots of posts from you soon!
    Take Care!
  11. minimonkey

    minimonkey New Member

    Hi Texas --

    Glad you are here! I, too, am most probably a congenital case -- same deal, mom is CDC positive and symptomatic since before my birth, and I have sx dating back to childhood.

    This is a bear to treat, to be sure, but it IS treatable, and many of us are getting better!