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    My computer died and now I am using my daughters' computer until my tax money comes in. Yesterday , I received a letter from the social security people ( can't remember the name of the committee , the one above the judge ) . Anyway , I was turned down . Guess what ? I am not afraid or depressed . I received some words from God right at the moment that I opened the letter . I will put them here.

    This is the link to the devotion , which is copyrighted. :


    First , though , today I received another e-mail about a book that sounds wonderful and I want to share it for all my friends and future friends on this board. It is from a lady who writes for homeschool publications.

    Whether you are a home school advocate or not , this is a MUST GET book. Get it used or check it out from the library , but any way that you can , get it.It is full of wisdom from the Lord about our conditions . Believe me , the lady who recommends the book knows what it is like to suffer.

    Here is the start of the letter talking about the book :

    "The Most Powerful Promise in the Bible

    I silently grieve daily, with a burden only my closest family members know about. It is an inexpressible profound pain forever lingering just below the surface.

    It is my weakest area. Satan knows this. When I’m tired or ill he whispers reminders to my soul catching me off guard and throwing me into a aching, agonizing abyss of mourning again tearing another piece of my heart. On one occasion it was so emotionally painful it directly caused a artery in my physical heart to collapse (an artery that was replaced by a surgery a few months earlier)."

    You will find the complete article and information about the book here :


    I miss you "guys" and I wonder how everyone is doing . I also see some people missing from the board. Does anyone have some info. about this ? Anyway , I will fill in the gaps from the above note as I "cut and paste"

    Love in His Grace,
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    I am one that doesn't recognize you..lol. I have only been here since the first of the year. But, that is going pretty fast, we will be in mid year before we know it.
    I do know that some have decided to leave.
    Satan certainly knows our weakness' doesn't he? We need to be careful, stay strong, keep praying, keep reading our scriptures, as this will help us stay strong. I have a favorite saying, that I have posted before. Fear is the opposite of faith. Keep that faith strong through doing our Lord's will.
    Nice talking Holly..take care, love, Cynthia
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    I remember you! A true Christian who loves our Jesus. Yes, Tiggy and Sassy were banned, and Crystal also. It was a very sad time for me, because I (as do you) know how much they love our Lord, and stood for him. There were some on the board saying God doesn't exist, and our friends were not willing to let it go at that.

    Things have changed on the board since you were here last. There is no longer a true Christian worship section...more of a discussion board of religious differences and nonbelievers. Just a few posts with Christian "highlights" and bible versus that can be overtaken by anyone as visiting spots.

    I hope you stay around so there's someone else of strong values here. Good to see you back! ***Jole***