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    Hi everyone, im so happy to have found this site it has so much great info. Im from New Zealand and was told by my doctor that I have FM a year ago. basically since then I have been on my own in this as NZ doesn't have alot of support in this. from reading this site info I think I also have CFS aswell. It has been a hard year for me and we are in our winter months and things are getting worse. I am not taking anything at the moment as I feel a bit overwhelmed with all the symptoms and don't know where to start! I have been given Amitrip in a low dose but I found it too hard to wake up in the mornings and I need to take my kids to school. Anyway just wanted to say hi and if you have any ideas on what I can do next to get through this as everytime I go to the Docs I just feel like im nagging and they say they can't do anything else for me and hope it goes away eventually.
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    Hi FMhopen,

    Welcome! I'm from Melbourne Australia - so I know what you mean about the winter, although there is evidence that spring is just around the corner!

    What kind of symptoms do you have and what tests have you had done to try to find out a cause?

    Sounds like what you are experiencing with your doctors is not uncommon. However unfortunately when our doctors 'abandon' us we need to become advocates for our own health. If no-one is trying to help you get to the bottom of your health issues, then as I have found, you may need to do a lot of your own research.

    Perhaps in the end with the help of selective doctors you may conclude that there are no answers as to the 'cause' of your FM or CFS but by learning as much as you can along the way, you can at least optimise your management and treatment.
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    I wrote a reply to you but it got lost somehow! I too am from NZ, whereabouts are you? I am in Whangarei & am glad of the milder climate, although none of us escape the winter chills totally! I moved here 2 years ago from HB & am glad not to have the severe winters & scorching summers.
    I have had fibro a long time now, about 15 years I think, I struggled to get a diagnoses even back then, things have improved now in NZ in comparison.
    If you contact your local Arthritis Society they may be able to put you in touch with others with fibro in your area as we come under their umbrella. We have a terrific support group up here, you may have one in your area but not know about it, so it's worth a try.
    Also if you have a heated swimming pool you can go to, that is supposed to help, as long as you don't overdo it. The key to living with this disease is to pace yourself, take heaps of breaks when doing tasks, & don't (if at all possible) overdo things, easier said than done!
    I see you have young children so your life will be pretty hectic, it's not easy trying to cope with this condition & lead a normal life. I hope you can find some support & help through this board & hopefully nearer at hand also.
    Hang in there, Spring is on it's way, although if you live in the South you might not think so this weekend with all that snow etc.
    Linda (fromnz).
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    I just wanted to also welcome you. I live in Florida USA but just came back from staying with my son in New Zealand for two wonderful months. I have FM and had to stop working about a year ago. The best my health has been over the last few years was when I was in NZ. He lives in Whangaparaoa. ( I probably spelled it wrong...) I LOVED it.

    I am glad you found this site. It will help you soooo much. You will learn a great deal here.


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