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    I usually hang out at the FM board, as I have FM - but, I am also a Christian. How many Christians out there have had to deal with Domestic Violence? How did your pastor/churches react? What do you think about Domestic Violence with regards to Christianity and the Church?

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    Sure incest can be discussed. I was abused by my ex sexually, spiritually, physically and mentally - when I was 12 I was molested by the father of a girl I babysat (He was an Iranian Diplomat) - from 3-7th grade I was brutally bullied and abused at a Catholic School by the kids. Made it to 45 though and I'm still kickin' (hurts though with FM)

    I'll pray for you both.

    Take care-

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    I am so sorry that you have all suffered at the hands of Human beings...I have to, I don't think anyone is immune from such happenings.

    The only way I can get peace about all this stuff is to seek Gods word in the Bible. From my many years of grappling I have come to know its free will thats the problem, certainly not God.

    Gods intention was to create us to love one another, He has a perfect plan but He also gives us free will to choose how we live our lives. The abusers choose to inflict pain on others, thats the darkness and evil in this world, God doesn't destine any of that on us.

    And they will be judged and dealt with by God at the appointed time.

    From my experience people, even the Church turn away, its all too hard, too big and too ugly.

    Being a Christian we are called to forgive those who sin against us, pray for our enemies, trust God to restore and heal us, and trust The Lord that justice will be done...easy, no way.

    And it takes time to do just that.

    There are no easy answers.

    Welcome also to you guys, come often and let us love you, listen and pray for you.


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    I too am from the FM board but love God so came over here. It is nice to recognize some people from there.

    Abuse is wrong, I can't say enough, much good has already been expressed and I thank God for this board.

    I too have been abused emotionally, physically and sexually most of my life. I will pray for you WW and hope you can get out of bondage if you are now experiencing it. Is it something you're going through now?

    My first thoughts to your email was if my husband was beating me I would have the right to divorce him. Or at least get a separation until he received counseling.

    I'm aware that even Pastor's abuse and they will be severely punished by God. There is so much sickness in this world. I still believe in going to church though because there is more good there than in the world. I think the people are at least making an attempt to be better people. I know I love sharing with another Christian. I think we can also learn to discern people by looking at their fruits. Not always but God does tell us to look at their actions. Do be aware of wolves in sheep's clothing, they are out there.

    God Bless,
    In Christ
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    Thanks for all your posts. I just got back from the farm - no internet there. I'll be reading all the posts and you will hear from me during the week.

    Peace to all