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    Hi all you precious people, How is life going this past week or two?

    I've not been myself with the court stuff to deal with, will reveal more as it progresses, and yes its working to my favour, Praise the Lord, a long hard battle, almost all my adult life entwined with someone who turned out to be a dangerous man, my worst enemy, its almost over.

    I've been trying to get my mind around all this, and been panicky about my future, believing God will make a way to freedom, with my earthly eyes I see nothing, but I am believing and have been for almost a decade that breakthrough will come.

    I wait for, hope for and expect the Lord.

    My emotions are all over the place, and I have been going through a depression, I've been anxious, impatient, short tempered...man Its like I am moody!, Please pray for my faith to stay steady, I'm not myself at all.

    I'd love to hear about your daily's, Please add something.

    Love and prayers, you are all close to my heart and in my prayers.

    Has anyone taken mangosteen and pomegrante?, I've just started taking them.

    Love Cindy.
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    Hi Sweetie,

    I was so glad to hear that you see that things are moving in your favor in your court-case!

    This past week, my husband told me there was a cat living in our garage. And her paw seems broken or sprained.

    The next day I went out there to see how she was. I had prayed with my friend in our morning devotion/sharing time for the cat.

    I saw her there, soaking in the sun.

    As I was going inside, I saw a woman walking her dog, peering into our yard. I popped out again, and said hi.

    She told me that the cat was walking over to her house every day to get food, and there were other women feeding her. She also wants to adopt the cat,and take her to the vet for her paw.She also has a rescue dog from Katrina! And 3 other cats, one a rescue.

    Then, my next door neighbor came over. I had only waved to her before. But we got to chatting - she is so kind. She has the cutest little rescue dog also, French - snow-white with dark eyes. So cute and flirty, loving attention.

    My neighbor is a social worker, working with abusive families. Just the background I come from! She is so compassionate and kind, she wants to give me her tel.# so I can call if I need anything.

    That is so wonderful, in case my husband gets sick.

    Then, as we were talking, two other women came by with their dogs, and I met them. They were so friendly, and I loved petting their dogs.

    This whole thing was such a big deal for me, since as I've gotten sicker, I've become more reclusive. And it was such a joy to connect with these women.

    I collapsed that night with post-exertion-fatigue from CFS, and slept through the night, and the next day, I slept straight through - not even able to get up to eat at all.

    I was so eager to see them all again, but have to be realistic, and not over-do it again. Just do smaller amounts, like I need to do.

    However, the Lord brought so much good out of that situation, as I placed it in His hands.

    I've been doing that more deeply later, pushing past my fears, and not trying to solve everything myself. Which I grew up having to do.

    I am so thankful for the Lord's love and help in my needs, and all our needs. We need his love so much to fill up the emptiness that nothing else can fill.

    Sending love to Tigs - so, so glad you have a room-mate. Thank you Jesus!

    And love to Patti, and Great-gran.

    I hope everyone will join in here, sharing what is happening in your daily lives. So many beautiful women here, with such loving hearts.

    May God bless and care for each one in your specific needs.

    Love, Judy