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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by CATLADY912, Dec 31, 2002.

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    Well its another New Year and I wish every one a Happy New Year and hope maybe they can find some new medications this year to take care of this fibro deal. I'm uplate again. This is the 4th night in a row that I have been up till almost 3am and then I wake up around 7:30am. I guess if I took my sleeping pill I would not have this problem, but I'm having the problem of constipation again and I feel bad.

    Does anyone else have a bad problem with constipation and if you do what is the best thing that you have found for it.?

    I finally got my stitches out of my right foot where I had surgery 2 weeks ago. I remember the night of the surgery I had bad cramps in my surgical foot. My doctor called to see how I was making out and I told him about the cramps. He told me that was from my fibro. Man, what a trip, cramps in the foot that i had operated on that day and pain too from the surgery. He had to call in some quinine for me. At least that took care of the cramps and the demerol took care of the pain. Thank God that is over.

    What is everyone planning on doing the first day of the new year?

    Please don't forget that if you know something good to use for the constipation that comes from fibro to please let me know. I'm tired of dealing with laxatives. catlady912/Janice
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    Have had Fms a long time, and every time I read someones post, I have to say"I had that".Just last week my feet were cramping W/restless legs.

    Had 18 inches of colon taken out in May. The best and safest thing I have found for constipation is "Senna". It is an all vegetable natural substance. You can get it at Walmart over the counter, 100 count for 6 bucks.I take four a day.

    Also I have been waking up at 2-3 am. Thats what I am doing tonight! When you haave a flare, do you want to pull away fron interacting with others? LOL 1maqt
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    Well I've been up reading posts for quite a while. Have to get up and walk around after a while because I start hurting after sitting too long, I'm sure you can relate. As the other post read there is always constipation with meds. I've been an LPN for 12 years now. Non working one now since Sept, but you can purchase Colace at any pharmacy. It's a safe stool softner, and doesn't cause abdominal pain, well at least not for me> The real pain is being constipated to the point you feel your butt is going to rip apart...LOL. Hope this New Year finds some pain relief for you and happiness. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers...Vicque
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    Many of us have very dried out systems. We need to drink far more than the recommended 8 glasses of water a day. Some of our meds cause this too. Taking magnesium is good for our muscles as well as our bowels. The ZMA sold here is excellent.

    Try a little stool softener like Metamucil in a little water or juice. It works wonders and is a natural product.

    Love, Mikie