Hi Guys I'm back. Need help. Breathing Problems anyone else have

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by 2YUNG, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. 2YUNG

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    Hi, Well my daughter went back to school in Sept. Not having a great time with the fibro, but coping. She is still taking amitripolene and lexapro. She has days where she feeld like her chest is caving in on her. Any ideals. Since my last post, we've been to Inf. Dis. Spec. Notheing he can dofor her, its not lyme like I hoped it would be. Neurologist, and back to Ped Rhemy. Who told me "There is nothing else we can do for her." I don't know where else to go. Help
    Debbie (My daughter is 15 with fibro)
  2. Adl123

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    Dear Debbie,
    I used to have breathing problems, and now I don't.

    I got help from my acupuncturist and from Oxygen therapy. I breathe moist oxygen while asleep.(No one thought of this until I noticed a slight change in personality in myself, and I also noticed that I was forgetting things. I then went to my Dr.)

    Both these things have contributed to my being able to breathe comfortably, and to take really deep, slow breaths without any discomfort. I also take the Allergy Drops from Bio Energetics. (These, however, must be gotten from a health practitioneer, as they are not sold in stores).

    I've found that one needs to be aggressive. I probably wouldn't have ever been put on O2 if I had not initiated it, and it is such a simple solution! The O2 night test is really easy and is done at home.

    I have an albuterol inhaler, and I haven't had to use it since I began acupuncture, last spring.

    Good luck to you both,
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    The joints in my chest normally stay inflammed so the doctors gave me albuterol as a rescue inhailer when things get too bad. They also put me on singulair, it's suppose to help with controling asthma and allergies. You may also want to look into getting a nebulizer and doing regular treatments with that.
  4. 2YUNG

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    Hi everyone,
    Thanks for all the ideas. Its funny I was just thinking about a Pulmonogists myself. We go to allergist/asthma specialist, thats who always treats her and went the next step to have blood work done last year on her and found out her ANA was high and sent us to a Ped Rhemy. She has an albuterol inhaler, but when she uses it wih her 2 meds, her heart races even more than before, it is not really recommended. She gets allergy shots regularly. This breathing started last Sept. after she was real sick with sinus inf., strep, eas inf., broncitis, she had it all at the same time for weeks. After infection was gone, she still complained about breathing, he does the breathing test with her with the machine you blow into and its not her lungs,they were clear. The rhemy says its not the Fibro.but she still gets like that.
    I like the idea of the O2 treatment. Who and where did you get hooked up with that?
    Anybody know of a Pulmy doc in NJ?
    Thanks for your support.

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