HI Guys, The verdict is in, I have FM

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Kellyslaw, Jan 19, 2007.

  1. Kellyslaw

    Kellyslaw New Member

    Hello Everyone: I went to the Dr. again this a.m. She sat me and my DH down and told us both that I officially have FM. :-(. We went to the bookstore and bought 2 books about FM and CFS. I have had to tell my work. I have been crying nonstop since 10:00 this a.m.

    Thank you for your support. I really need it.

  2. kmoss55

    kmoss55 New Member

    Sorry to hear this news. I'll keep you in my prayers.
    This is a good site for all kinds of info.

  3. JaneSmith

    JaneSmith New Member

    Sorry to hear Kelly. You are in the right spot for lots of support.
  4. tracijo

    tracijo New Member

    Don't you cry girl! Stress makes this whole thing worse! Trust me... try to be as positive as possible and keep coming to this site! There's a ton of good information, and great people to help you through this!!!!
  5. poodlemommy

    poodlemommy New Member

    Im sorry to hear your news. The good news though is that its not a life sentence. I have a saying " I have fibromyalgia but it doesnt have me". For the first 4 years after my diagnosis I was so sick and miserable then I got really sick of being sick. I started being very proactive about my body. I went on bio identical hormones, got a tredmill, ate better, made some big life changes to reduce stress, got a great doctor who keeps me in supply of good meds, I started doing things that made me feel good and I put me first for a change. Today I still have pain but its managable and when its not I take a down day. Life is good even with fibro . Attitude is huge in helping to make life better when you have health problems . Hang in there kiddo, and be proactive about your self.
    hugs poodlemum
  6. dragon06

    dragon06 New Member

    that you have been dx with FM. Although it is very good you have found support early on in your illness. You can learn a lot from this site, get support and find out alternative ways of helping yourself, you can also ask questions and so on...

    Sorry to hear you have this but glad to hear you found us.

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