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    hi, i need to vent to you guys. i broke my arm 4 1/2 weeks ago and i got a shock. i was in more pain than anything. i asked for a shot for the pain , i got one in the but!!!!!!!!!!! when i went back to the doctors i asked about the pain mangment, with a broken arm on top of all else. i was told i needed to just deal with it. well after about 3 days & nights of no sleep and pain being constant i went to the hospital for a pain mangment visit. i was told thati had a contract with my doc so they could not help me.
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    How can they not help someone in pain! I mean a broken arm on top of being ill...that is ridiculous. It is sad that so many here have run into problems getting pain meds. I mean what is the point of having them if they aren't going to give them to anyone.

    So sorry about this...hope you feel better soon!
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    I can not beleive they would not give you something to releive your pain. That is just awful. If you have a contract with your doc does that mean that you can not get pain meds with anyone else? My doc wants me to come in and sign a pain contract and I have never been asked to do that before from any doc. Can you please explain what a pain contract is. Hope you are feeling a little better.

    Hugs Wendy
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