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    hi, i need to vent to you guys. i broke my arm 4 1/2 weeks ago and i got a shock. i was in more pain than anything. i asked for a shot for the pain , i got one in the but!!!!!!!!!!! when i went back to the doctors i asked about the pain mangment, with a broken arm on top of all else. i was told i needed to just deal with it. well after about 3 days & nights of no sleep and pain being constant i went to the hospital for a pain mangment visit. i was told thati had a contract with my doc so they could not help me. i was not aware of this i have just found out too that my right knee is completly gone and need a complete knee replacment. the doctor told me to go home sit down lear to knit and wait 10-15 years for my total knee replacment. my knees both are bone on bone. i wounder why i am in pain !!!!
    doc's can be so uncompasionate. anyone got any ideas? i realy could use a vacation just to get my head together to figure out what to do. i know for a fact that there probly is not much i can do , but waite. this is just getting to be to much for me to handle on my own i need a break, i need a vacation to just get away and destress and get my mind together to figure out what to do.. i am just so frustrated.