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    Hi Hermitlady it is Redwillow. Thank you for replying to my posts and suggesting that we get together. How can we do this?

    I won't be able to do much in the next few days as my sister and her family are visiting for the week. They are staying with my parents nearby but it will still be a tiring week for me.

    I wanted to let you know that I think chatting with you would be a nice idea and that I would like to plan something but it won't be for a week or so.

    Is that ok?

    hugs Redwillow
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    Just let me know when you're ready...I just talked to 2 of my sisters on the phone and yakked their ears off!

    I'll have to try getting into the chat room again, haven't had much luck. I've read that sometimes you just have to sit and wait for a long time and then you'll get connected. We'll see.

    Just do like you did here until then, I'll keep an eye out for you:)

    Good luck w your company, I am still in bed today...just exhausted still. Talk to ya soon, OK?

    xxxooo Hermit

    P.S. Hey , great minds think alike, I just looked at your bio again and saw your dog's name is Murphy....my cat's name is Murfy (spelling courtesy of my son)[This Message was Edited on 10/04/2006]
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    Just seeing if you're around!
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    Hi Hermit

    Sorry I missed you before. I was visiting my visit. What a zoo! (my family, lol).

    Anyway I have had my hot tub and am heading to bed.
    hugs Redwillow
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    just trying to get moving this morning....on the verge of tears and have absolutely no energy. I have a psychiatrist appt that I have to go out to, but just want to go back to bed. I even took my vicodin, a cup of coffee, and a Monster energy drink but nothing is working. grrrrrr....

    How's the company going?
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    My company visiting are crazy busy but at the moment they are gone looking at properties to buy. They wanted me to come, one big family occcasion!

    I said count me out as I knew I couldn't handle a 2 hour drive and being cooped up with 6 relatives in a car for hours! What a nightmare! LOL

    Sorry you are in tears Hermie dear! I hope your appointment goes ok with the psychiatrist. I wish I could go with you to hold your hand, for moral support.

    I used to take my husband with me to a lot of my earlier appointments. Then he had to change jobs and couldn't take time off anymore. It sure was nice to have someone to drive you and ask questions when you were too miserable to think!

    hugs Redwillow
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