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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by corney, Dec 27, 2002.

  1. corney

    corney New Member

    Hey just looking for friends suffering with CFIDS. Anyone that would like to share their stories of humiliation, challenges, and frustration. I would love to know that I am not alone :)
  2. teach6

    teach6 New Member

    Welcome to the board. I can assure you that you are not alone. I also have CFIDS, along with Neurally Mediated Hypotension and FM. I was dx'd a little over a year ago, although I've had symptoms for may years prior to that.

    You have found a great site for learning about living with your illness. The best way for you to improve your health is by becoming informed so you can work with your docs to help you. My doc specializes in CFIDS and FM, but is always open to new ideas. Sometimes when I bring an idea he is not familiar with he will tell me to let him know how it works. I like that he considers me a partner in this, not just another patient.

    I encourage you to read and ask lots of questions. Slowly you too will be able to take suggestions to your doc.

  3. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    Hi Corney, welcome to our world! You will find lots of company here to swap those stories with.

    I have had Fibro for 20 plus years, you think I don't have stories to tell??? You are surely not alone.

    Let us know what you do for your CFS, and how you are doing.

    We try just about anything around here for a little relief.

    Again, welcome to board, and sure would like to heard from you often.

    Shalom, Shirl
  4. 1maqt

    1maqt New Member

    Me too!! Have had multiple problems. You will find a very kind and understanding audience here. Have had FM/ Etc for 28 yrs, and have just found that there area a lot of answers to the questions We have. Most of the time I was made to feel that I just needed to get a grip and loose weight.

    When trying to keep up with a large family and do all the
    things wwe are "supposed" to do, I thought I was just not
    trying hard enough.

    If ther was ont thing I credit for my being here today, I would have to say God. Faith and prayer were my strenth.

    Hope you find all you need, and don't be afraid to ask.


  5. LisaMay

    LisaMay New Member

    I have only been dx'd with FM, but I'm almost positive I have CFIDS as well. I've only been participating on this board for a few months now, but it has been a blessing. Just when you think you're crazy, you read that another is experiencing the same or similar thing. Great folks are here offering support and knowledge. I don't post much, but I read through every day. It's like a security blanket for me.

    You'll never be alone here! Lisa
  6. 1Writer

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    I have CFS and was dx'd a little over a month ago. I also have IBS, Thyroid disease, Rosacea, Asthma, Tinnitus, and I could go on, but...........I take Arthrotec for inflammation and pain in the joints (tested negative for arthritis), Pravachol for high cholesterol (it's going down now), Synthroid for the Thyroid, Klonopin for anxiety and to help me sleep along w/Benedryl (also for my allergies). My CFS is better that it was 2 years ago...I couldn't hardly function...I slept all the time...psych doc had me try every anti-depressant made to man (said I was clinically depressed)...was on anti-seizure meds that knocked me for a loop (they thought I might be bi-polar) and finally I said "forget this!" I slowly got off all that stuff that "drugged" me out, and went back to my PCP and told him what my symptoms are now and he dx'd me w/CFS...so here I am...and this site has been the best thing I've found for info and support...the people here are great and caring and many are very knowledgeable regarding ideas for meds, vitamins, herbs, etc. This is a "seek and ye shall find" dd...hopefully as you seek you will find something that works for you. Good luck and nice to meet you.

  7. Fibrolady37

    Fibrolady37 New Member

    Hi corney,
    Its good to hear from you welcome to a great site,i know youll get a lot of advice & support from everyone on here,youre deffo not alone.
    I was diagnosed 7 years ago with Fibro,Ibs,Asthma etc & its now part of my life im so used to it.
    I recently started exercising & feel so much better for it id recommend it to anyone.
    Im very stiff,very very tired & in a lot of pain but i push myself because of the benefits excersise brings.
    I havent excersised for 5 days apart from housework,walking everywhere & doing shopping & i ache like crazy,so i gotta start again & i bet the aching improves.
    Good luck you can get a lot of info on here take care
    Sharon D(UK)