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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by fmsyuck, Aug 13, 2003.

  1. fmsyuck

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    Hello everyone,
    Just joined this site and went into the chatroom everyone was real nice. It is nice to find a place to come to where people are like me and feel what I feel.
    I have had fibro since 1993 and was diagnosed in 95 go it after gallbladder surgery. Dr cut into nerve trying to get all the bile out because it burst during the laproscopy.
    I am 49 and married 30 yrs to a wonderful man my best
    friend. I have 2 children a son who just turned 30 and a daughter is 26 but she is a special needs adult. We have 3 dogs jack collie/shepherd 9 yrs old, missy beagle/doberman
    she is 8, sadie black lab she is 2. We have 3 cats right now because my son is living with us. His cat silver is 8 and he is a blue russian, my daughter's cat is midnight she is black and white and is 3. She is just a domestic cat
    my cat duncan is 2 and he is a black burmese.
    Well enough about me just wanted to say hi.
  2. fmsyuck

    fmsyuck New Member

    ty for the warm welcome and sorry about your cocker
    spaniel. Our pets are really a great thing for us to have with this dreaded disease.
    Hope to see you in chat soon.
  3. beeleaf

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    I just found this site, too. Welcome!

    I'm an animal lover, too, and used to make my living photographing them.
  4. Takesha

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    I agree FMS is YUCK. I am glad you found our little corner of the world. I hope you stay awhile. I have had Fibro since about 1995, just got diagnosed back in March. There is so much information here, and alot of shoulders to cry on if you should happen to need them, which I hope you won't. I have a dog that's beagle/weiner mixed. He's a real character I'll tell ya!
    I hope you'll find everything you need here, and if you don't "just step up to the microphone and let us know" (translated that means don't be shy)! We talk about most anything here.
    Have a great day.
  5. Lumare41

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    I was dxd about 2 yrs. ago but have had this terrible dd for just about ever.I remember being small and going to the mall with my mom and sis and crying that my legs and back hurt from walking around.I was labeled spoiled by my sis.This is a great place and the people are very caring.They haved helped many people with questions encouragement and just listeneing.I'm glad you found this board.Welcome!
  6. Mtnflower

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    I'm kind of new here too.I love this site! I was dxed 25 years ago,There was no trauma that caused mine. It just happened.I also have sleep apnea,rls,depression, and osteoarthritis but I'm doing pretty well.

    I understand about pets.I have one cat living with me,She has been my friend for six years now.She would not allow any other intruders in her house. She is the complete queen of our domain and we love her.

    I am fifty-five, married to a wonderful man, and have three grown children and six grandchildren.