Hi, I just found out I have lyme, many questions, plz read...

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    I've been on the cfs fibro board for years. Been noticably sick for 13 years. Had rocky mtn spotted fever 16 yrs ago(it is a "tick" disease too).

    I've been researching this board all morning and taking notes afternoon as my body would allow me to sit in this chair. There is some great information here. Thanks for keeping this board informative :)

    First I'm wondering if it is normal to have trouble walking? It started last year when I was put in the hospital with heart problems(probably related to lyme). After a while I was back to walking normally. I just started having trouble walking again about 2 months ago. It's so embarassing. Sometimes I have to use a wheelchair at the store(I look healthy and young so people look at me funny of course). It's really embarassing when elderly people pass me by when I'm walking, or in the wheelchair...

    IF you guys can relate please let me know. Do you know waht is causing it? What can help? Infrared sauna helps tremendously, especially when I stretch in it after I've been in awhile and things are warmed up.

    It's like my legs just don't want to work. If I get up out of a chair and forget that I need to take it slow, I almost trip over myself and have to slow down. Going upstairs isn't as bad with the inability to move my legs well, though weakness is a problem there i can move faster. Now I just accept that when my legs don't want to work, they just don't want to work, which is most of the time these days.

    My cravings for sugar is through the ROOF! I read htat lyme likes sugar. Can you guys fill me in on this and tell me why it's really bad to eat sugar related to the lyme. I know it's bad from the research I've done on cfs,fibro etc... Know of anythign that will help? Is stevia safe to eat with lyme? What about "unsweetened" "dark" chocolate?

    What foods should I avoid, which ones can I eat? Is there a list of foods I can refer to here? I'm assuming it's probably similiar to my cfs/fibro diet. I also appear to have tapeworms really bad.. Who knows what else. I eat pretty healthily most of the time though I do eat stuff I shouldnt a little here and there.

    Any other advice is welcome... I will stop there. Though I have many other questions.

    Thanks everyone! :D

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    I don't have lyme but my twin sister and SIL both do. My twin sis is very good at taking care of herself and does whatever necessary to treat her lyme. She has given up alcohol completely and sugar as well. My SIL still drinks occasionally and eats lots of sugar!! I cannot convince her to stop. When looking for evidence to give to her I found the following in an article on sugar:

    Reducing Sugar Intake
    Bacteria and viruses feed on sugar so it would be a good idea to reduce sugar intake. Desserts should be limited to low sugar fruits like strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. Keep in mind that many fresh and dried fruits and fruit juice have high sugar content. This would be a good time to eliminate junk foods and eat health-promoting foods like pesticide-free vegetables, antibiotic-free chicken, fish, grains and organic eggs and nuts, so as not to pose any additional challenges to the body. Check with your local health food stores and organic produce departments in supermarkets for the best choices.

    I really can't help with your other questions. I hope someone else can and that your walking problems will be solved real soon!

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    Lyme strikes wherever you're genetically the weakest, that is why there are so many symptoms.

    So sorry you're having to use a wheelchair at times! Please don't feel funny about it ... but I do know how hard it can be to thicken one's skin against stares etc all too well.

    Basically people are told to follow an Atkins type diet - protein and low carb, and the carbs you do eat should be quality carbs, ie, veggies and whole grains, fruit if you can tolerate it.

    hope that helps a bit, Kimelia. You might want to go to ilads.org as well, there is a lot of information there plus links for all kinds of info.

    all the best,

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    Get a lyme doctor. The walking issue and weakness is lyme arthritus. Stay away from sugan...follow diet reccommended previously. Drink a lot of water...a LOT...to help detox. See a doctor and get on a program for lyme.
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    thanks for all the replies. Lots of great information. Sorry you guys are having to deal iwth this too :(

    I have had numbness in some parts of my body but I've noticed even more parts of my body going numb the past few days. It happened after I ate some sweets, a lot of them :(.. I know I shouldn't. once or twice a month it's like I have no self control. SOmetimes I wonder if the lyme, yeasts and parasites force me to eat it, lol.

    I really think part of it is related to that time of the month.

    I will look into the info you all posted.

    I know I have worms because they have come out, and I *ugh, sorry if this grosses you out* feel them move. Feeling them move is nausiating in itself mentally.
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    Kimelia, I really think you should get your worms eliminated. They can't be doing you any good, and I would think that any doc. would treat you for them.

    At least you can SEE your worms. Too bad we can't see our little Bbs, huh?

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    Hi Kimelia,

    Nutramedix has very good good products for worms. They begin with "Verm". You will have to Google them to find their web pages or see an alternative doctor who knows how to use herbs for guidance with the process.

    I disagree a bit regarding diet....An Atkins type diet is only good for Lyme if you have a serious yeast problem, and even then should not be used permanently. High protein diets acidify the body, and Lyme loves that almost as much as it loves sugar. The high protein diet also strains the kidneys which are already under strain from Lyme.

    A better dietary choice, IMO, is the Insulin Resistance Diet, which allows small amts. of complex carbs. Lyme cuases both insulin and leptin resistance anyway, so it will help you. You still have to give up refined sugars, and yeast treatment will help you do this. You need to take probiotics to increase the good bacteria, and take something to kill the yeast as well. Supplements that modify insulin, like alpha-lipoic acid, may also help.

    You need a good LLMD or alternative doc to help you do this, but if you can't afford it, check out the store here.....they probably have good anti-yeast and probiotics.

    I am sorry you have Lyme. I was misdiagnosed with FMS for 17 yrs. ,so I know how you feel.