Hi. I'm new here, and would like to introduce myself.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Tree75, Dec 27, 2002.

  1. Tree75

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    Hi. My name is Tree. It's short for Teresa. I'm 27 years old, and have been suffering from CFS/FMS for the past year. Only to know that I *really* have been suffering from CFS for a very long time. I think 7 years. It's like... I always knew I had it, but no doctor knew what it was, or just said "Some people are just more tired than others." I had no such help for a long time.
    I recently found someone *Thank God* and he specializes in all infectious diseases, and internal medicine. I started seeing him in September. It took FOREVER to get an appointment with this guy! I know see why. He has so many patients with this, so I now don't feel so alone. (I am hoping this is of some help for you too).
    I'll get more into my story later. It's too much to type out right now.
    I'm from Boston, Ma. (USA)
    I'll be 28 in Feb. I am also a singer, and am not able to do it. My future as an artist is so uncertain, and I often get depressed about it cuz I love it so very much.

    Anyways.. I guess that'll do it for now. Thx for reading!!

    I would like it if everyone would introduce themselves to me here?? That would be great. I won't feel so shy! *lol*

    Take care, and God bless

  2. kaymac

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    Welcome and nice to meet you. My name is Karen. I am 38 and have been diagnosed a year with CFS/FM. I use our family doctor but am interested in going to a specialist or someone more familiar with these DD. I too, have had symptoms for several years. Not sure which illness or what stress brought all this on, but it doesn't matter. I am interested in getting better. I have went downhill since being diagnosed with one new problem after another. I am afraid of becoming disabled with this. I work full time as an Optician and have 3 boys. They call me old! I know they are kidding, but sometimes I feel like a decrepid old person! I am having some depression now and learning that I can't do like I used too and this is my big issue now. Folks here are wonderful tho. They give lots of gentle ((((hugs))))!

  3. Dara

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    my name is Dara and I am a 56 year old female from Portland, Oregon. I was "officially" diagnosed with FM back in 1998 but have had it for years, possibly back into childhood. I am currently being seen at the OHSU Fibromyalgia Clinic that was founded by Dr. Robert Bennett. Prior to Nov. 2001 I was working full time and then found I just could not go on anymore. Even though I no longer work my pain and fatigue are just as bad, the difference being that when I'm totally fatigued I don't have to push myself to go to work, or call in sick like I was doing so much of back then. I want you to know that you have come to a great place, this message board has really helped me, any questions or concerns that you post will get you lots of responses and suggestions. Welcome to this wonderful board.

  4. sheri

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    what a cute nickname for teresa (I have a sis named teresa) I am sorry about your diagnosis,You will have a lot of company here to talk to.
    I can imagine how depressed you are not to be able to pursue your singing career, but keep hoping and believing, Oneday we may be able to hear a recording!! It is nice to meet you and look forward to hearing from you. This is wonerful website, everyone is supportive and there is soooo much information here too. There are chat rooms too, if you want to talk ...take care and blessings to you, sheri
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    just a short note to welcome you to this board. it is always sad to hear someone so young as yourself with cfs,fms but you will find a great deal of information here, and hopefully something that just might make a big difference and get you going. it is a lot of trial and error for us guys. hang in there.

    warm regards, fibolady from north carolina
  6. 1Writer

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    Welcome to our world. I also have CFS and was only dx'd about 2 months ago, but have had it for about 6 years now. My PCP takes care of me, but I learn alot from this site and you will, too. Everyone is so helpful and really concerned about one another here and you couldn't ask for more information or better support...so WELCOME and I hope to talk more w/you soon.

    P.S. I used to sing before my Thyroid disease lowered my voice and my mother teaches voice (she has a masters in Voice)and used to be an opera singer, so I hope your career will bounce back. I was in the advertising business before all of this dd stuff hit so hard...now I'm writing a book; my auto-bio.
  7. 1maqt

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    A very warm welcome to you. You have come to the right source to get info and support.....Nice and kind people here.

    I am known as 1maqt, 58 yr old granny of 18, mother of 6. Was diagnosed 5-6 yrs ago, symtoms started 28 yrs ago. am just finding a doctor who will help.

    This DD has taken a lot from all of us. We battle many symtoms of varying degrees. Have all delt with the elusive diagnosis and will help all we can.

    Have been going through a tough time myself for the past couple of years, worse than before. We are here for you.
  8. pam_d

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    If you have FM/CFS, this is the place to be! You are fortunate to have found a doctor who knows his stuff with regard to these illnesses; that's half the battle, many of us see a variety of doctors without finding that one, great doctor who can diagnose reliably, and put together a comprehensive treatment plan for us. So, you are well on your way! I live in Kansas now, but grew up in upstate NY, went to college in Albany--used to go to Boston a lot, a great city!!

    Welcome, & hope to "see" you here a lot!

  9. tandy

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    Welcome!! I'm a 39 yr old mom of 3 boys.I've been ill for about 10 years now with FM,Scoliosis,Endometriosis and bad disks in my back.I suspect CF too but that is'nt confirmed yet.I stopped working due to health problems,now I take care of my children and keep house.
    My boyfriend plays in a band.He plays lead guitar,and backup vocals. hopefully someday you can pursue your talent in singing. Hope to hear more about you.....
    Take care,
  10. allhart

    allhart New Member

    nice to meeet you ,im kara ,sorry you have one of theses dd but youll find alot of info and support on this board.so im glad you found us,
  11. onesmileymyley

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    HI Tree I am a 29 year old female. I have had this since I was 26-27. I also have five children which makes it even more of a challange. I have cfs, fibro, tmj, myfacial, anf thyroid disease. I love to work out and take walks as well as crafts and spending time with my children. glad to meet you and welcome....Shannon
  12. sofy

    sofy New Member

    Welcome and I am so glad to hear you have found someone to help. Keep us posted. I am about 2 hrs south of you and have recently been to a new dr. but dont know if he has anything to offer me yet. I had to wait over 2 months to see him too. Lets keep our fingers crossed.
  13. Reg1

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    My name is Reg, dx with fibro Oct 2001, well you know the sory on that. Pain pain pain and it seems something different everyday. I'm new to the board as well. I used to read it a lot before i decided to start posting. I feel like these folks have taken me not only in the group, but have made me feel like family. I'm very greatful for that, lot's of info here, you really have to come in daily, that's if your body allows it. Sometimes when i don't feel good, which is a lot, i'll have to wait, but then i just go back to what i missed. Welcome Aboard (((Gentle Hugs))) Reg
  14. Tree75

    Tree75 New Member

    Thank you all for being so kind, and introducing yourselves!
    I just have one question.. what does DD stand for?
    Thanks all!
    ~Tree :)
  15. darlamk

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    Hello Teresa, I'm a 46 yr old wife & mom from SD. I've had fibromyalgia for over 12 years and lately increasing fatigue etc since a trauma 2 yrs ago. I'm a nurse but not working and recently qualified for SSDI. It is great that you finally have been dx and can get on with researching your illness. I think you will find a lot of information here and much support. I admire your vocal talents! Best wishes and Welcome!

    PS: DD = d*@!# disease!![This Message was Edited on 12/28/2002]
  16. northwoodssue

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    Sorry to hear of your dx's. This board is great - you get to learn the personalities and find several that you have something in common with. I've been on the board for a month and find it a great help. You can say anything here - we've all heard it or had it or done it!!!!! And we UNDERSTAND where our loved ones try to understand, but they can't really know what we go thru!!
    There are alot of alternative meds, prescription meds, exercise regimens, etc to hear about and to try. Please try them all. You never know which ones will help you.
    Funny thing about this DD, what helps one person does nothing for the next. So keep your chin up and keep trying.
    northwoods sue
  17. BREN75656

    BREN75656 New Member

    hi, tree, nice to meet you..female 54 live in texas..dx twice with this stuff first time in 99 then again in 2000...one dr did not believe and put me through all kinds of test..anyway just want to welcome you and to let you know you are not alone. with the fatigue the pain sleep problems panic attacks ..just to mention a few. i seem to be gettin worse had heart attack then double bypass surgery to add to all this mess. hope your don't give up hope,,,we are all here.Bren we are here for you!
  18. Shirl

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    Hi Tree, welcome to our world! I am Shirl, and I have had Fibro for 20 years, but not the CFS, just the fatigue that is one of the many cross over symptoms.

    Glad you found our board, and do hope we hear from you often.

    Shalom, Shirl

  19. Annette2

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    Welcome to this Board. I don't have much to say that hasn't been said by everyone else. I know you'll get a lot of support and help here. I was diagnosed with FMS 5 years ago. It's no fun, but everyone here is wonderful! I read your profile - my father was born in Boston. I used to live in Rhode Island and went up there a few times - I loved it - especially the food! Anyway, welcome!!!!

    Annette2 :)