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    last june i was diagnosed with fybromyalgia.. i had been suffering for almost four years and my old family doctor could never figure out what was wrong with me.. i believe he really failed me.. so i got refered to a doctor downtown T.O and he diagnosed me right away.. i can hardly walk some mornings..i dont feel much like doing anything.. at all.. im tired all the time.. and for the past three weeks ive been having chronic migraines.. the worst was last night.. im frusterated.. and ready to lose it!!!! i applied for disability and they said they didnt have enough on me.. i was disappointed in them.. i had to start working a part time job cleaning which is not helpful for me but has to be done.. im on amytriptyline.. well im on all kinds of meds .. seroques.. alprazolam.. i have ptsd and its pretty bad.. i have a thyroid condition.. i have to take meds for that as well.. i dont know how much more work i can continue doing im that tired and sore..i usually take tylenol 1's for the pain.. i stopped taking narcotics a year and a half ago.. but the tylenol dont seem to work that well anymore..my life is pretty much a bad story book.. i would like to go on but my hands are sore from typing now.. hope to hear from someone..someone who feels the way i do..

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    You've come to the right place for comfort, friends and

    support!! I've gained all three plus an abundance of

    useful knowledge!! I'm sure you will be getting alot

    of WELCOME replies.

    Hope ya feel abit better soon.
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    Welcome to the board. I know it is frustrating living with this disease. I was diagnosed back in March, but have had it for about 7 years. Went through the whole ritual, nothing wrong, nothing wrong.....

    I have the fatigue, but not a great deal of pain as most people here. Yes, there are days when I don't feel good, achy. But this board is a big help.

    Keep your chin up, and don't give up.

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    Hello...welcome to a very supportive message board!

    Many of us have to take PM meds to get good solid sleep. That is a huge issue for most with FM. If you can get the sleep under control, everything begins to get better.

    This is a difficult process. It is long and often frustrating.

    We are all here for you to vent, cry, and laugh.

    Hugs, Jenni
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    This is a great board, and full of very knowledgable and supportive people. I am sorry to hear you are suffering, but glad that you found us.
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    I'm afraid that about 98% of us here feel the way that you do. So, you have come to the right place. I have learned to much here and have received much support.

    You said your claim for Disability was turned down. Please don't give up. Hope you have a Doctor to assist you and then apply again. Most of us stuck with it and eventually if you get the proper assistance from your Doc it should go through. This requires so much patience.

    Please post as often as you have questions, comments, etc., and I know you will meet many new friends.

    Much luck,

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    tyty for the warm welcomes e1 :eek:) it's nice to know i can come somewhere for the support i so need.. thank you.. i am trying to deal with these headaches which are a nuisance to say the least..i go through alot of ice gel and advil liquigels.. i just turned 36 and feel 86!!!! my hips and legs are completely shot!! i have two boys.. my oldest just turned 14 and my youngest will be 5 in august.. im from ontario canada.. where is e1 else from?? im so happy to have come here.. i will be back a little later on,, i was very happy to see all the replies..

    god bless
    hanna :eek:)
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    I presume you are applying for CPP Disability since you are from To. The CPP Disability Plan always turns down the first application. I think they try and discourage people from going the extra mile. I have FMS for the last 10 years. I continue to work full time- 53 next month. I take imovane when I go to bed. This helps me get a good 8 hours of sleep at night. I now walk on the treadmill for min of 30 min per night and also walk the dog for around 20 minutes. I have thought about disability but cannot give up(in my own mind)that easily. I find if you are busy it helps. I also have herniated discs and chronic sciatica. My husband is on CPP Disability as he is blind from detached retina- they turned him down the first time too. We wrote a letter and then they asked for further medical information after that. You need to see family dr. on regular basis - also ask to see a Rheumatologist- everything should be documented. Good luck and try and think positive.

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    hi lucy
    i too have bulging discs in my lower back.. a few years ago i was having problems with my neck.. and went to see a chiropractor.. he made matters much worse!! i landed in the hospital twice in one month due to massive migraines.. they strongly advised me NOT to let anyone touch my neck anymore.. and thats what i have done.. im too scared.. if its not one thing its another.. i feel like a rusty old wheel some days.. and i cant lift anything heavy anymore.. hubby or my oldest son has to carry the laundry up and down for me.. also ive noticed that my balance is not very good.. i misscount the stairs in my house alot and i end up getting hurt.. in may i worked a full saturday cleaning.. 8 hours.. and the next morning i literally could not move my legs.. the muscles were bulged beyond.. and i went to go down the stairs.. i was holding the rail and i got to the first step and my legs literally gave out on me and i went head first down our hard wood floor stairs.. hubby said i hit the floor like a ton of bricks.. i think i was briefly knocked out.. i just lay there and cried.. hubby had to pick me up and get me settled.. i did not want to go to the hospital.. i was too embarassed to tell them i had fallen again down the stairs..i was black and blue all down my left side and had bad spasms for about a week..i am the BIGGEST clutz you will ever meet!! i trip over me own two feet lol.. i have to try to have a sense of humor about all of this sometimes..i feel useless alot of the times because there is alot of things i cannot do anymore.. crap.. im only 36..i too have got a tread mill.. havent been on it in awhile.. but i will get into it..i get depressed alot.. so much that my house looks like a bomb blew it up.. i never used to be like this.. my house was always always clean no matter what.. i had to have a hysterectomy two years ago.. and ever since i have changed so much.. i dont want to do anything anymore.. i have night terrors so bad to the point i scare the crap out of my husband.. when i was 2 my dads step dad started to molest me.. when i was five he tried to rape me.. there were others too.. i am emotionally scarred because of all of this abuse.. i feel like a totally different person now.. and not in a good way.. dont get me wrong .. if you met me you wouldnt think i was damaged goods.. i hide it very well when i want to.. there is a song called "holy water" by "big and rich" if i didnt know any better i would say they wrote that song for me.. it describes me to a T.. sorry if im babbling to much.. i just felt like venting a bit.. thanks for responding to my post.. im glad i found all of you.

    god bless
    love hanna xo
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    You really have come to the right place for help and support, lots of great people here.

    Hope we hear from you often..........

    Shalom, Shirl

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    So Glad to meet you and welcolme to the board where you will find your second family waiting to answer questions and give support. So much knowledge here and no critizism.
    My spelling is off tonight,LOL, Talk later. Mary
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    Welcome to the board!

    The best recommendation I could ever make is this: educate yourself about your disease continually. Many of us find we have to be our own advocates in the management of our disease(s).

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    I'm so glad your hear! Please feel free to ask any questions you have! becoming your own Advocate is top priority!! I know the song your talking about!!! it's touching! and very true ! Do you need a new Dr.? goodluck!!........................................................sisland
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    thx again e1..

    sisland.... i just got this new doctorn last year.. and if it werent for him i would still be in the dark.. he is the one who diagnosed me with the FM all pressure points were greatly affected.. my cholesterol was through the roof.. and blood pressure verrrry high.. my old doctor did SQUAT for me!! if it werent for this new doctor i think i would be dead today.. im on blood pressure meds.. cholesterol meds.. hell.. all kinds of meds..for all the hell i have been through.. meds keep me on top of things.. no narcotics or anything like that.. my old doctor had me on oxycontin for three frickin years.. i didnt want to take them anymore and i havent in 17 months today exactly..i do have to make an appt to see my doc again soon.. the headaches are getting to be everyday now.. i hate pain.. i have 0 tolerance for pain.. so i will have to go back and see what he says..ive also had to go to taking andriol.. its a testosterone pill.. i had a hysterectomy two years ago.. had no choice .. i was full of fybroid tumors and i was suffering from endometriosis as well. and just for the endo alone i had 8 surgeries to try to correct it.. just got worse.. before i got pregnant with my youngest son.. i was pregnant..i was 3 and 1/2 months along and soooooo excited.. hubby and i had been trying for a couple of years.. and the day we moved into our house..6 years exactly today, i found out i was pregnant..and soo happy.. but complications soon arised shortly after moving here.. on july 22/2000 ( 3 1/2 ) months along.. i miscarried.. i was devestated!! went into a deep depression..four months later i got pregnant again with my youngest.. technically i shouldnt have carried him to full term because of the fibroid tumors.. but luck was with me for that whole nine months..and my little angel was born on aug 16/01 .. i am ok with the fact that i cannot have more children.. with everything that is wrong with me it wouldnt be a good idea anyways.. im blessed to have my boys..

    i want to say thanks to all of you again for your responses.. i love this place because there are many posts i can certainly relate to and respond with knowledge..
    thx for listening to me babble on and on again.

    hanna xo
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    I'm not a dr. (duh!) but have you tried to see if there are any type of supplements you can take that will relieve some of your symptoms?
    In the search box type stormysky (username) and then check out "the shake" !! it has helped many people hear! goodluck!!
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    for all the input here..