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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jasminetee, Apr 16, 2007.

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    I'm new to this site. It seems that I signed up here years ago but then i lost the link and i never posted then. I've been ill with CFS for two decades and bedridden with severe CFS/FMS since 2000.

    I've tried many protocols for years to get well but since 2000 I've only gotten worse. I think that's because I'm now in peri-menopause.

    I'm trying Valcyte through my wonderful doctor in San Francisco. I've been on it a month so far and I've started sleeping around the clock, and i feel worse than usual all the time which could be a good sign that it's gonna work.

    I look forward to posting here with all of you.

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    I am new too and enjoying this site hope you will too.
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    Hi!I just found this site today.
    I was officially diagnosed in 2001,but suspect that I've had it since childhood.It would certainly explain ALOT of my life.
    I'm generally positive.I adapt my daily life around the things I can no longer do as much as possible.Luckilly my job allows alot of flexibility.
    I'm off to work in just a few minutes!
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    tkae advantage of this site and read some of the research articles. Knowledge is power, especially in illness. Sometimes we have to find the answers before the doctors do!!!!

    There is a very good support system here too, in case you feel isolated or very ill. Good luck and welcome!
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    `Thanks for the welcome everyone!! Prickles, I saw your video and i thought you did a great job on it. Thank you for helping explain CFS to the world :)
    I'm familiar with the treatments you suggested. I use a pillow between my knees when I sleep too. I used to respond to supplements and other things but now my system can't handle them.

    broadkill wrote "suspect that I've had it since childhood.It would certainly explain ALOT of my life." Me Too! It's weird, isn't it? I was always given a clean bill of health at the doctors when I was growing up but I when I would complain about digestion problems for instance, or fainting they would say "Well, you'll just have to live with it."

    Momblue & Engel~I like "Tee" I think I'll sign off with that-thanks!


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    It's been a few days since I remembered to check this!I hope others of you understand that...I can actually forget people EXIST for days at a time!lol

    Back to the childhood stuff...i can remember having headaches,pain in my arms and legs,teeth pain,etc since I was in elementary school.I was told it's 'growing pains' and that I was just trying to get attention.No one believed a kid could have headaches and stuff in the 70's I guess.I also fell alot.
    I did gymnastics in 8th and 9th grade...which is what my arm weakness and pain was blamed on when I started dropping books and stuff all the time.I was also diagnosed w/Anemia and a Hypothyroid at this time.
    I was diagnosed w/sprains,migraines,IBS,tennis elbow,my imagination,etc until 2001 when it finally all came together.I was actually HAPPY with the diagnosis.I have 2 relatives with M.S. and a fewe cousins with Fibro.I'll take the fibro anytime.
    As for things I do to help...I have read alot of the Fibro books,I try to remember there are things I can no longer do and stay away from those things,I take extra calcium and supplements,my meds help alot.I try to laugh alot.A daily dose of the Ellen show helps alot!
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    I understand you could forget where you've been. I'm sure you know you can click on your profile and see all your posts, i just discovered this feature. I'm super forgetful thanks to this dd too.

    It's interesting that MS and FMS run in your family.

  11. puffy1

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    nice to have you back lots of good info here.

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