hi I'm new here

Discussion in 'Caregivers' started by lamb-chop, Feb 26, 2002.

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    Hi all,
    I'm new here.....
    I'm bob 29 from uk i have been a carer of someone who suffers from FMS (amongst others) for 10 yrs now.....
    Does any body else have days when they feel completely helpless? I mean you look at a person you care for or love....you see then in total agony and you feel completely helpless....you want to help in whatever way you can....i.e. personally,drs or whatever else you can do to make the sufferers life a little easier..but sometimes you cann't do enough and sometimes talking to a doctor gets the same result as running full speed into a brick wall.....
    I am a father of an 8 yr old son and on occasions when i feel this way just seeing the look on my ex-partners face tears me apart inside (like when she cann't cuddle our son as she is in too much pain.....

    Please don't get me wrong..I want to help my ex-partner and my son get the most from life especially as they both have to live with this every day.....I have to see it when i see them(3 or 4 times a week)....

    I guess what i'm saying is it must be really tough having to live with these conditions or syndromes but sometimes i feel it might be just as hard to watch someone you love having to "deal with it".....

    Does anybody else feel this way????

    i look forward to all your replies...

    thanks for your time

  2. Pixie

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    Welcome lamb-chop, and yes we suffer daily for our loved ones but with out the pain that they have every day of their lives, I watch helplessly as my daughter lays in bed, unable to cook a meal for herself, hardly able to go to bathroom, cry with the pain, what I feel is helpless not hopeless, because research is being done, in May there is a walk in washington DC, May 12th awarness day, May 3,4,5th a convention in Orlando Fl, tht I plan to attend, mabe someday, my friend, these people who suffer daily will be able to get the help that is so desperately needed. please let me hear from you, as I am a caregiver, and I do care and feel for you and others here. good luck
  3. annee

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    I hear you loud and clear.
    I am living it with my husband GB (cfs -going on 4 years now).
    This is one of those life phases and a most helpless situation.
    We are just coming out of a 'blue patch' - but we made it out :)
    There are no answers or fixes to these issues.
    Just gotta hang tough, look after yourself so you are always able to help your 'others who need you'.
    But Bob, it sure is gut wrenching isn't it.
    At the very least we can be there for these people we love who are having a 'tougher' time of it than we are.
    Some times in life, you just have to step up, & thats what we are doing.
    Positions reversed - these loved ones would be first there for us.
    Love your name lamb-chop. It was the name of a childrens 'sock' character on tv when I was a kid.
    Hang in there.
  4. lamb-chop

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    Hi Pixie & Annee...
    Thank you both for welcoming me open armed into this little family :)
    I guess you are both right there is help and support out there for both the sufferers and us carers......
    Just at this moment in time both my ex-partner and myself are going through a lot of stresses.....her more so than me.....
    But with the help of support groups and people around us we will both come out smiling (hopefully)
    Annee i got the name from that exact sock puppet from the 70s she was cuddly and cute (just like me) hahahaha

    Just really popped on to say hi again and thanks again for the welcome..

    Take care