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    Hello all! I just stumbled across this message board today and thought I would register. Just in case anyone is wondering about my name, I am a HUGE Goo Goo Dolls fan and have been to many of their concerts. BUT, I also have Fibromyalgia, which makes many things hard for me to do.
    I have been dealing with this now for 2 years and it's still hard for me to accept this diagnosis. The main part of my body affected is my arms and legs. I am convinced that one day they will find something much worse wrong with me. I've had all the blood tests, MRI's and x-rays. I've gained about 30 pounds since this diagnosis. Has anyone had luck with anti-depressants? I have been fighting going on them, because I have had terrible side effects from all of them, but my doctor is insisting. This whole thing has me very depressed and I don't know what to do. Any advice would be appreciated. By the way, I am 44 years old. Thanks!
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    I am new too as of yesterday I stumbled thankfully on to this site and it seems to be a wonderful one.
    Reagaring antidepressants I like you have had no luck due to bad side effects the one I am on at the moment has caused me least side effects so far and I am managing to stay on a low dose it is called Ciperex. I am told it is quite a new one, I think all it is doing if I am honest is stopping me from crying as often, but that can't be so bad I hope you find something that works for you. I don't think you are alone in thinking it is something worse wrong with you I know I have had these thoughts often over last 10years, that is what I loved when I found this site reading through the message board I think for the first time I realised I was NOT on my own. Also a 44yr old with 3 beautiful daughters:))

    Warm Wishes
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    welcome Goo goo girl,
    we are all here to suport and suffer together. glad you found the board. Have you tried SJW? I find this has been excellent for lifting depression. It really is a very powerful anti-depressant and WILL NOT KILL YOUR SEX LIFE! Which is so important. The ssri's kill it totally. This is not healthy! I found this SJW at iherb on the web. it has some wonderful ingrediants. very soothing.

    " St. John's Positive Thoughts, Source Naturals, 90 Tablets
    Supports a Good Mood
    Dietary Supplement

    Positive Thoughts™ combines mood soothing herbs, calming factors, and uplifting amino acids. It contains the standardized herbs St. John's wort yielding 0.3% hypericin, and kava yielding 30% kavalactones. It also features valerian, taurine, GABA, magnesium and the amino acids N-acetyl L-tyrosine and L-phenylalanine.

    Suggested Use: One tablet 3 times daily. For optimal absorption, take between meals or with a carbohydrate meal. One tablet can be taken before bedtime. For best results, use this product for at least 6 weeks, although benefits may be experienced sooner.

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    Glad you both found our little world here. Sorry, can't help with antidepressants, am not depressed.

    I am going over the 20 years of FM, and the drugs I did take only caused more harm than good, I am allergic to most of them.

    I take mainly supplements, and a low dose of Xanax. Doing pretty good right now.

    Again, welcome to the board, and I know you will get losts of feedback on the antidepressants...............


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    You just have to keep trying the anti-depressants until you find the right one or combo. You have to be patient. Some of the side effects do subside. KCD
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    Glad you found us! I was so happy to find this site. It has become my second home, sometimes my first! It is nice to have people to socialize with that understand you and don't judge you as some kind of freak! I think you will like it here, can't help with the anti's I take effexor xr I have no side affects unless I don't take them then I get sick.

    Looking forward to seeing you around!

    Barb G
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    Welcome GooGoo Girl! I'm sorry you have FMS but you'll find lots of friends and support here! Regarding Anti-depressants, I take Effexor and believe me, it doesn't kill my sex life! Some anti-depressants do that, and you have to play around with them to find the one that works right for you. The Effexor has helped me tremendously and I have no side effects! Of course you'd be depressed if you were in pain all the time. Who wouldn't? But the depression is a SIDE EFFECT of the fibromyalgia. Are you able to exercise? Even if you do very mild exercise, it can help. I walk on a treadmill. I hadn't been on it for a few weeks and yesterday I walked for the first time in ages. Boy, I felt so much better! My endorphins kicked right in and I felt great! Also, what type of doctor are you seeing? Talk to him/her about anti-depressants and your concerns. As I said, they really can take the edge off of depression and make you feel better. And if you don't like the first one, try another one. Please let us know how you're doing, okay? See ya!