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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by beeleaf, Aug 13, 2003.

  1. beeleaf

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    I just found this forum & wanted to say howdy. A Jr. and Sr. rheumatologist at the VAMC put their heads together several months ago and decided I have fibromyalgia. Truthfully, it seemed more like a diagnosis pulled out of a hat to shut me up. But I did some reading and the shoe seems to fit pretty well.

    I also have Obstructive Lung Disease and Arthritis, but I won't bore you with the details.

    Bee in soggy North Carolina
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    Welcome! This place is just so great, I am glad that you found it. I stumbled across it while randomly roaming on the net during one of the many times I couldn't sleep! There are a lot of really caring people on here and it really helps to know there are others out there sharing the problems and feelings that I do. This is such an isolating disease and robs us of many of the things we can no longer do. It really helps to know that I am not alone and can always reach out on here to find caring people who truly understand what I am going through. As they say, misery loves company!!

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  3. wle

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    .........and learning a lot. WLE
  4. beeleaf

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    Thanks for the welcome!

    Debbie, Virginia is my home state. I'm originally from the Martinsville area. Moved to NC from Texas 5 years ago. Have you found a decent doctor in these parts?
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  5. tedebear

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    Even us oldies are happy to have you.
    You can learn a lot being here, and the people across the nation all all SUPER.
    Soft teddy hugs.
  6. LauraLea

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    Glad you found us. I know sometimes FM seems like one size fits all but, we can all relate to each other here. Even if you don't have FM you with people here who care.

    Welcome again

    P.S. You don't have to worry about boring us with your story we would love to hear it. Sometimes it helps other people to know that they are not alone.
  7. beeleaf

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    Gosh, tedebear, you're only as old as you feel, right? haha, that's a joke that makes me about 200 sometimes. ;~)
  8. beeleaf

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    Ok, Laura, I'll try to be brief.

    My doc sent me to the rheumy after an ANA test came back positive/elevated (1:640). He was looking for a solution to the ongoing fatique, etc. The rheumy discarded that test because normal people can test positive. X-rays showed signs of Ankylosing Spondylitis, but that was also discarded due to insufficient evidence. A year after the first rheumy I saw said I didn't need to be there, they pulled FMS out the air and applied liberally.

    I've had arthritis since I was 20-something.

    Adult-onset asthma dx-ed at 35. Upgraded to COPD at 42.
    I've been on SSDI since Nov. 1999 due to the respiratory problem & had just dove into an online support group for that right before being approved for SS.

    I like to know what I'm dealing with, so I can do what I can to minimize its impact.
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    Welcome this is a great board with great people.Never feel like you can't fill us in.Were here to support each other.This is a place for all of us to learn share and even vent.It'a a wonderful place for questions cuz everyone is going thru more or less the same things.So Welcome!!
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    Just wanted to say welcome!