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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by NativeAngel, Aug 25, 2005.

  1. NativeAngel

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    I just wanted to stop by and check out the board and say hi. Old timer with CFS for about 28 years now. Still have problems dealing with it from time to time and still have not learned how to pace myself. That Type A" personallity still comes thru. Looking to connect with others and see what everyone does to deal with the illnesses we have.

    Hope to hear from someone soon.

  2. libra55

    libra55 New Member

    And welcome to our board! I do not have a positive diagnosis of CFS (although I think I have it) but I do have FM diagnosed by a rheumatologist in 2000. I am female, age 49. I was ill for a very long time before I got a diagnosis.

    Twenty eight years is a long time to deal with CFS so I'll bet you have some great coping tips to share with us as well.

    My mantra is "simplify". I never schedule more than one appointment a day outside of my house. If I have multiple appointments in a week, I make sure I leave a rest day between them. I am gradually decluttering my house. Having a husband who is a pack rat makes that task very difficult but I am working at it.

    When I have energy I cook extra and freeze it for the days I don't feel like doing much. I don't have House Beautiful, and I don't care. I try to keep stuff picked up. I do laundry every day so it doesn't pile up.

    I avoid toxic people, negative people, people that drain out my energy, whiney people, you get the picture!

    I have teenagers, a husband that works constantly and is never home, and two dogs, so life can get a little crazy.

    I have a brown leather book, I call it my "brain", in it I keep phone numbers, receipts, birthdays, anniversaries, postage stamps, bank deposit slips, lists of things and references to go to other books and files. Kind of like a card catalog for all my paperwork. That way it is all in one place for me. I have people's clothing sizes, favorite foods, Christmas card lists, etc. all written down, as I have decompensated so bad cognitively that I can not remember much of anything. The brain book is my life saver. Incidentally I have a shelf where I keep it, it is always on that shelf, and heaven help the family member who moves it!

    I make sure I rest when I need to.

    Other than that I can't think of much. Anyone else?

    Welcome again,
  3. Meekah

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    Glad you found us!!

    Hugs and Prayers
  4. libra55

    libra55 New Member

    bumping for more responses for NativeAngel.

  5. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    Glad to have you join us, but sorry you have been ill for so long.

    I do know what you mean, am a type A myself with Fibromyalgia for over 20 years. We just never really learn to pace ourselves, do we??

    We feel a little better, and we are off and running.

    Again, welcome and hope we hear from you often.

    Shalom, Shirl
  6. TheAurynn

    TheAurynn New Member

    I love your name, it's cute. I just wanted to say welcome. I have fibro and not CFS but we have the fatigue in common! You will find lots of support and nice people here!

  7. rileyearl

    rileyearl New Member

    How nice to see your post. It was fun chatting with you this morning. Looking forward to more of the same! Take care!

  8. NativeAngel

    NativeAngel New Member

    Thank you ALL for such a great welcome. It is nice to see that there are so many of us that can learn from each other and help each other. I'm sure I will see some of you in chat from time to time and also on the board. I also suffer with FMS so I know how it is haiving both. I try for not to get me down. That is the key. Have a wonderful weekend and stay well.

    (((((Soft Hugs))))
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