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Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by Nikki, Jul 2, 2003.

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    I usually post on the FM board. But, today I decided to come to the Worship Board . . . I need lots of prayers.
    I'm a Christian (Baptist)and I definitely believe God led me to this board on Prayer Night for a reason. My preacher says there are no conincidences . . . only God moments.

    A little background (ok . . . more than a little). My son, DIL and her 2 precious children (my only grandchildren)really need to be lifted up to God . . . they are all Christians, too. My DIL's ex is being totally unreasonable when it comes to visitation w/his children. He was a minister and abandoned his family for another woman. His church was willing to give him a 2nd chance (as was my DIL), but he opted to give up his church and his good salary. He allowed their home and her (not his) auto to be repossessed . . . and it only goes downhill from there. DIL ended up having to move in w/her parents . . . 4 hrs away from where her Ex lives. He's way behind in child support . . . more or less pays when he wants. But, of course, he's demanding all his rights to fatherhood . . . he's a spoiled brat and is use to having his way. In spite of all his stunts, my DIL has been very generous with visitation. But he just gets greedier and less reasonable. Now they have to go to trial because of his unwillingness to compromise and the judge will have to work out an agreement.

    Please pray that God will grant the trial judge wisdom, and she will put the children 1st when she makes her ruling. And pray for me that I can turn these angry feelings towards DIL's ex over to God. These children have been shuffeled back and forth 8 hrs every other weekend. And it's taking a toll on their health. Almost every time they return home from his house they come back sick. Sick enough to end up in the hospital twice. Last time lice in their head . . . stomach viruses and ear infections . . . so on and so forth. He has parents in this town and it would not be a hardship for him to visit his kids at their home @ least once a month. But, he wants them in his house with his wife (yes, he married her) every other week and any month that has a 5th weekend. Summer he wants 3 wks each month.

    I'll quit now . . . I'm just getting all worked up again.
    Bottom line . . . we all need your prayers.

    Peace & Love,

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    I am praying for you and your whole family, especially for the good of these children. Put it in God's hands and believe it will work out.

    Love, Mikie
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    Since I'm such an early bird, I'm gonna set my clock for 10 pm tonight(I live in Louisiana)and join all of you in praying for loved ones who are in need. I know I have to put this in God's hands, and if I close my eyes and pray, I can feel the Holy Spirit wrap me tightly in his arms . . . a warm "chill" literally goes thru my body.

    (Update: The ruling issued by the judge today is hopefully not a glimpse into the future. The Ex was suppose to have the children beginning this Sat for 2 wks; however, he is going on vacation for 3 days. In order to accommodate him, the judge issued a ruling for the exchange of the children to take place on Mon night @ 8 p.m. 3 hrs (not the normal 2)from their home. Justice is truly blind. But then again, I should know this, I worked for 8 yrs as a paralegal.)