Hi. I'm new to this site.

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    I'm not sure where to start...I'm new to this site. I've read some of the posts and you seems to be a good bunch. I tend to be skeptical after having dealt with different doctors (one today in fact) who tell me that the CURE for FMS is...and they each go on to tell me something totally different. There have also been several people, who mean well with their advice, but don't really have a clue, they just heard, or read, or saw something on TV, and know it is the answer. And there have been too many who claim to have FMS and understand, but then don't even know what "tender points" are and have never had a problem with "lack of sleep" or other things that seem to be just the basics of FMS. They may experience some of the same symptoms as someone with FMS, but I just can't relate when for them it is as simple as taking an antidepressant and their pains go away. I wish it were that easy-if so I wouldn't be posting this! I've never liked to talk about my troubles, so I've stayed away from a support group environment. But here I am, wide awake but exhausted, up in the middle of the night again, as my husband sleeps. I guess that is enough from me for now-my hands need a break from typing! Thanks for your time and patience.

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    just want to say welcme this is a great place sorry you have this
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    This is a great site, and you will meet lots of wonderful, caring people here. Glad to have you.
    God bless, Dena
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    Hi Allie,

    I am fairly new here too. I've have learned alot and this is a good group, so welcome and don't worry you are not alone here!!!

    Feel good.