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Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by ValleyGirl89, Aug 19, 2003.

  1. ValleyGirl89

    ValleyGirl89 New Member

    My sister told me about this site and how much she has enjoyed it so I thought I would come and see it for myself. I look forward to reading your posts and I look forward to your encouragement!

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  2. TiffanyL

    TiffanyL New Member

    I am so glad that you are here. I hope you find this place as encouraging and wonderful as I do. YOu have a great sister. Debbie is a great encourager to me.
  3. ValleyGirl89

    ValleyGirl89 New Member

    I am also glad to be here and I'm sure I will find encouragement on this site, I have been reading the post and have already found some and looking forward to lots more, and yes I really do have a wonderful sister and best friend. Thank you Lisa
  4. Takesha

    Takesha New Member

    I'm so glad you made the decsion to join us. There are alot of really good people here and we love new members. I hope you'll stay awhile. Don't hesitate to jump in and pray or if you don't want to leave a prayer, just post that you'll be pray. Also, be sure to post a prayer if you would like.
    We are all faimily here.
  5. Sandyz

    Sandyz New Member

    I`m so glad you joined us. Its so nice to have new members. I really enjoy coming here and praying for people. It gives me a sense of purpose. I have Fm and its been so severe the last few year, there`s not many things I can do these days.

    I hope you enjoy the board.
  6. ValleyGirl89

    ValleyGirl89 New Member

    Thanks for welcoming me Sandyz. I'm very glad to be here too. I really have been touched reading the posts on this site. It is really comforting to know there is such a site as this on the web what with all the other bad stuff that is on here also. Thanks to all of you that have welcomed me to this site and a big thanks to my sister Debbie for bringing me here!
  7. ValleyGirl89

    ValleyGirl89 New Member

    Thank you Takesha! I haven't been on this site very long, but I already know that it is a wonderful site with lots of wonderful people. My sister Debbie asked me to come and join this site. She was telling me how great it was and she also told me of the very special people she has gotten to know since she has joined. I look forward to being a member of this site. Thanks again all!! Lisa
  8. Takesha

    Takesha New Member

    When you feel comfortable enough to do so, please let us know what we can do to be an encouragement to you! We are all here for you. Hugs
  9. ValleyGirl89

    ValleyGirl89 New Member

    Thanks for your kind words Takesha. I need your prayers and the prayers of others. I won't go in to a lengthy story, but not too very long ago, I was on the right path and was happier and more satisfied that I had ever been in my entire life, but I let Satan rob me of my glory and since have strayed away. I haven't been satisfied since. I'm sure you have heard this, "If we meet and you forget me, you have lost nothing; But if you meet JESUS CHRIST and forget Him; then you have lost everything." This is so true, so again, I will ask that you pray for me that I may find my way back to the Lord. Lisa

  10. Takesha

    Takesha New Member

    I know exactly how you feel, but you know what? You aren't lost! Daddy God knows exactly where you are, and how you feel. In Psalms 56:8&9 David said..."Thou tellist my wanderings: put thou my tears into they bottle: are they not in thy book? When I cry unto thee, then shall mine enemies turn back: THIS I KNOW, FOR GOD IS FOR ME!

    I will pray for you hon, but yesterday is yesterday and what ever happened then is FORGOTTEN by God once we ask forgiveness. Just consider today the first day of the rest of your life and keep going from here. The world looks at us from the outside-in. God see's us from the inside out, and already knows your precious heart. He would never ask you to do something you can't, that's why he already has done it for us. Today is a new day.
    Yesterday is History
    Tomorrow is the future
    Today is Gods gift to us...that's why it's called the "present".
    Thankyou for sharing with me and you will be in my prayers.
    Hugs to you.
    Did you read my post to Debbie under " I have something to tell you," post?
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  11. ValleyGirl89

    ValleyGirl89 New Member

    Takesha, thank you so very much for your words of encouragement. I was telling my sister Debbie how much you and her are alike, you both have a way with words that make a person feel so much better!! Yes, I did read your other post and I was really touched by your words and your experience. Thank you again!!
  12. danny3861

    danny3861 New Member

    You said it right when you said they both have a way with words. I print alot of things they say ,just for my own encouragement. Thanks to them both for bringing myself closer to the lord. May the Lord walk with us all today and hold our hand and guide though eac and every day.
    Bless you all.

    Amen, Danny
  13. Takesha

    Takesha New Member

    but as for myself I only know that I had a lot of things to be forgiven and when I received that forgiveness, I also obtained a lot of love to go with it. Love for my "Daddy God" and love for others who have found themselves in places they "would rather not be", and don't know how they got there. The church as a whole has often gotten into pointing the finger and condeming others but God said that the greatest of all gift is Charity (love). When I fall down (and I'm sure I am not finished with doing that being I am a human and all) the thing I need the most is forgiveness and a great BIG HUG. If I thought my Daddy God was going to beat me and throw me in a closet or something, well maybe I wouldn't be to quick to go back home!!! Thankfully He is a loving God, as yes he does paddle my behind when I need it, but he is SLOW TO ANGER, AND QUICK TO FORGIVE AND HE GIVES GREAT HUGS TOO!
    I got so excited just then I hit a key and posted before I was done...lol
    Lisa, thank you for posting and building me up...you know your alot like your sister too. You have a very sweet spirit.Just keep going kiddo, it's gonna be alright. Here's a big hug for you, I am just glad that I was able to help some. My greatest advice to myself is "Well kid, if your gonna fall (and I know I will it's only human) then at least FALL FORWARD! LOL
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  14. ValleyGirl89

    ValleyGirl89 New Member

    I appreciate your prayers and really look forward to getting to know everyone on the board!! This site is full of wonderful people and the most encouraging words. Lisa
  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    This is a good group.

    Love, Mikie
  16. ValleyGirl89

    ValleyGirl89 New Member

    Thank you for your welcome!! Yes, I agree with you, there are lots of wonderful people on this board and I have "met" quite a few of them already and have learned alot from reading everyone's posts.
  17. TiffanyL

    TiffanyL New Member

    I will be praying for you too. I have strayed many times in my life. I have made some big mistakes in my life, but God never has let me get out of his reach. It has been hard for me to get back the same relationship that I had before. Maybe it never will be the same, but stronger because of what I have been through. The verse that has comforted me the most since I have strayed so many times in my life is this verse. I hope that it helps you even a little, too. I will pray that you will find your way back to the Lord.

    Isaiah 49 : 15,16

    "...I will not forget you! See, I have engraved you on the palms of My hands; your walls are ever before me."

    God Himself promised that He will not and cannot forget us. He has written my name on His hand. No matter what I have done.

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  18. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    Lisa! we are so honored here that the Lord Himself is blessing this board with so many new members, and so many prayer request.

    YOu are a blessing too...........

    Shalom, Shirl
  19. ValleyGirl89

    ValleyGirl89 New Member

    I want to thank you for your prayers, they mean alot and thanks for the verse... it is a comfort. I'm just learning so much from this board and all the fine people here. I am just having a rough time of things now... you know when you are sinning and doing the things that satan just loves,he leaves you alone, but then when you are thinking of getting back in God's will,he is riding on your back 24/7 and making you feel that you are not worthy of even speaking the Lord's name. This is the very thing that happened when I was living right, I wasn't strong enough to fight back against satan's attacks. But, I am not going to give up. Just keep praying for me and I believe that soon, we will prevail.
  20. ValleyGirl89

    ValleyGirl89 New Member

    I want to thank you.. and everyone else on this board for welcoming and accepting me here. I am so thanful for your prayers especially. I have to admit, when my sister first introduced me to this site and this worship board, I was feeling a little out of place and feeling as if I did not belong here, but everyone is so nice and kind to welcome me and make me feel as if I do belong here and I have found that there is no other place that I would rather be than here with all of you wonderful people. Thanks again Shirl.