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    hi everyone,
    I've been reading your board for a little over a week now and I thought I would introduce myself... (and ask a bunch of questions)
    My name is Jenn and I'm 22. I haven't been dx. with CFS but I seem to fit the criteria. My first question is... What were your first symptoms? I feel as though I've been exausted since the day I was born. It totally interferes with my life. I do what NEEDS to be done, but I can't do what I WANT to do. If that makes sense. I don't have the energy to bring my daughter to the park, or even for a simple walk most days. I've seen doctors and all I get told is... "you have a toddler, what do you expect." I get chronic throat infections and swollen glands in my throat. Usually though it only last for a day or so at a time and then goes away. Like last night, I had the worst sore throat and swollen glands to the point where I couldn't swallow and today, I'm okay. (Is that even a symptom of CFS?)
    I've seen docs about that too... I always get told.. "my tonsils are just too big."
    I've been dx. with PCOS and Insulin Resistance. I take 1500 mg of Glucophage a day. Do you think its just the PCOS that could be causing this?
    I don't know.... sorry for rambling. I'm just so confused. Something is very wrong. I had such horrible pain in what seemed to be every muscle last night that I couldn't even sleep. Not that I can ever sleep anyway. But all my tests come back fine. I guess I'm at the point where I need someone to tell me I'm not crazy. I've been told by docs so long that I'm fine, that I'm seriously starting to believe that I must be imagining this.
    anyway.... any advice you can offer would be greatly appriciated.
    thank you
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    Welcome! I had hurt for years before i went to a Doctor. I felt like some one beat the crap out of me. My Doc. told me Fibro. wouldn't kill me but it would make me wish I was dead. It seems to move to different parts of the body. To me now, it feels like bone pain all over. All my test came back normal too, but that's not uncommon. I have to make my self do things that once were so easy. Hang around here and you'll learn a lot. Best Wishes Sheila Topeka, Ks.
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    First, welcome. I've been a member for a spell 3+ years.
    What you describe is like some on here have described as they began the search for a "diagnosis".

    I was ultimately diag. by a neuro and a rheumy after I was sent to every other specialty to eliminate this and that. It was the rheumy who convinced me.

    With what you describe I would surely follow those symptoms from specialist to specialist until a diag. was nailed down. From there you can develope a treatment/wellness plan. CactusLil'
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    Welcome aboard, sounds like you might be in the right place. It took many years and tests (all negative results) for the determination of FM and I'm sure I must have CF and MCS too. Be sure to check out some of the articles and print out for your doc, so many don't know what to do with "us"!

    I wish you well.
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    Hi Jenn, welcome to the board. I am a Fibromite (Fibromyalgia)not CFS. But wanted to welcome you to our little world here.

    You mentioned large tonsils, well I am much older than you, and I still have my awesome large tonsils!
    They are not a problem, my grandson also inherited them too, with no problems either, he's 17 now, and never had a sore throat in his life.

    That one is a bunch of bull. They finally found out about 20 years ago that tonsils perform a great benefit to humans, they stop infection from going into the lungs, and bronical tubes. So they are an asset, thats a medical fact now. I would think twice before having them removed.

    My brother had his taken out in his twenties, and a few months later developed Asthma, we did not know that we had Asthmatics in the family and by having his out it cause the Ashtma to get into the bloodstream.
    Check before you decide to see if anyone in your family has Asthma, go back a few generations if necessary.

    No, you are not imagining your illness, most of us are told that its all in our 'heads', this goes for both CFS/FM.

    I have been told that often with the FM pain, headaches, and even the IBS.

    Again, welcome to the board, and others with CFS will give you more information.

    Also we have a 'Doctor Referral' link at the top of this page, these are doctors that 'believe' in FM/CFS! They are listed by states.

    If you have a problem finding it, let me know and I will cut and past the ones in your area for you.

    Take care, keep reading and don't let anyone tell you its all in your head!!!

    Shalom, Shirl

  6. Bkay

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    Just wanted to say your not crazy, Even though you will be told by some Dr.'s that its all in your head...Its not its real and i know you hurt all over..This site has been a life saver for me...You will some great information...Good luck hope your feeling better..