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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by rockgor, Aug 10, 2007.

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    Haven't heard much from you lately. Did see your post on the school excuses thread. Bet you didn't get such goofy excuses...or did you?

    Things are pretty quiet here at the casa. Have my Emotions Anonymous meeting tomorrow morning.

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    What a fun thing to see my name on a post thread! I am alive and kicking as the summer moves on. We have been lucky enough to have a fun trip to see two sons and grandchildren in San Antonio, and leaving on another one to oldest son in Seattle for 10 days.

    I think I have always been the one making the goofy excuses, not getting them!

    How are you doing? for real. Are you better or worse in the summer, or no difference? I have bad days here and there, but am lucky that the depression is not a constant thing. My heart goes out to you that don't get relief very often.

    I know you have mentioned EA in the past, so it must be something that works for you. Do you take meds in conjunction with talk therapy? I take Cymbalta or Xanax. The Cymbalta is an every day thing...the Xanax is situational. Do you belong to any social clubs? Did you ever join that Golfing craze? NOT ME. I love to swim and that is the end of my sports participation.

    Do you write personal e-mail to anyone on the board? Budmickl and I have exchanged some letters. She is an interesting person, but busy looking for a job now.

    Hugs, and thank you so much for missing me! Jana
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    Glad to hear about your trip. I remember visiting San Antonio. From viewing the Alamo you could turn around and see a skyscraper hotel. About 300 years difference in architecture, I imagine.

    I've had decades of therapy, but haven't had any the last couple years cause I retired and no longer belong to Kaiser HMO. Only corporations can afford their rates.

    I used to see my psychiatrist once a year to get my Rx renewed. The therapy all came from social workers and pyschologists.

    I have been taking Effexor for years, but it is too expensive to buy w/o insurance coverage. I am switching to another med. I'm lucky in that all the meds I've tried over the decades have worked for me.

    Used to belong to a bridge club. Now I play bridge on line when the electronic gremlins will let me. Golf? No, don't play golf. It's always been a great puzzle to me. Which is more boring? Golf or bowling.

    Went to my EA meeting this morning. Kinda like a booster shot. Some laughs, a few tears; always feel better after a meeting.

    No, I don't e mail anyone. Can't get into the chat rooms so can't exchange e mails.

    That's wonderful that you have family to visit. I have a son and granddaughter who is 6, but they live in Portland and my son is no longer part of my life.

    Always good to talk to you, Jana.


  4. Jana1

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    I have been here to post to you amny times, and then something came up like a phone call or whatever!

    It seems you have had depression for a large number of years? Have you ever had a particular reason, or it is just there? I understand it is the cfs that made you have to quit work as a lawyer? I hate cfs and I don't have it! I think I am purely fm and few and far between bouts of depression.

    Usually, I can figure out what brings them on but that doesn't help me deal with them any better. As you know, in the middle of one, you can't reason with yourself very well.

    I have never been to EA but I can tell you I am going to try to get started in alanon. My sister won't quit drinking even though she recently made it through 30 days of rehab. As she told me, she is such a good liar that she can fool everyone that she is getting a lot out of rehab counseling and getting ahold on her problems when she really doesnt seem to have a clue.

    She just thinks she has to be perfectly in charge of her life so she lies about everything. Honestly, I don't know how to help her or even if it is possible. That is why I need to go to alanon.

    Have you ever seen the little grandchild. I think it would make you happy if you did, but it sounds like the son/father relationship has its problems.

    Is your family really crazy? Did you really move 2000 miles to get away from them? I bet there is a good story behind that!

    How did you decide to be an attorney? Did you like it?

    Do you read a lot of books besides help ones? I love to read and I am almost tired of all my mysteries! I like true crime and psychological thrillers, but also tender family stories..with lots of books in the series.

    What does your partner Gordon do? is her retired also?

    See how nosy I am???? I prefer to say I am interested in people!!! Answer what you want, ignore what you want, or tel me it is none of my da**** business! smile...

    I mean I am smiling, not telling you to! Jana
  5. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Such a lot of questions. I bet you'd be good at taking depositions.

    I think it's an excellent idea to give Alanon a try. One of my friends said to me years ago, "12 step meeting are so therapeutic, even people w/o an addiction should go."

    One of the 12 step principles is what you indicated in your message. "Take (home from the meeting) what you feel will help; leave the rest."

    I think the causes of my depression are 1) growing up in a dysfunctional family and 2) getting CFS when I was about 40. Maybe CFS is just another way of saying chemical imbalance.

    Anyway it's better than the old theory that it's due to demons.

    I became an atty pretty much by chance. I really didn't have any career ideas when I was in college. This is pretty typical of abused kids. They live in the now and are focused on avoiding the latest explosion, I've been told.

    Anyway I took a multi=purpose state exam and the first job I was offered was social worker. I didn't even know what welfare was or what a social worker did.

    So I did that for some years. Then I moved to CA and the first job I found was insurance adjuster. (Note the complete lack of planning or career goals.) After a few years I noticed the attys weren't any smarter than I was, so I went to school and became an atty.

    But after 6 years I crashed and only worked part-time as a law clerk after that.

    Gordon has also worked in the insurance business. Is currently an auditor for a mortgage company. He used to travel in CA and various states to inspect properties. Sometimes I would go w/ him to San Antonio, Salt Lake City, whereever. He won't retire for several years.

    The 12 step programs have a lot of slogans. Probably the most important one is: Keep Coming Back. Let me know how it works out.

    Good luck.


  6. Jana1

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    I play bridge from time to time, used to love it and played tons....after I got FM couldn't think that well anymore.

    By any chance do you like to play Scrabble? Wanna play?

  7. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Yes, I used to be an expert at bridge. But now my memory shorts out at times. Couple days ago I did a squeeze play and then couldn't remember if the crucial card was good or not.

    Played lots of Scrabble years ago. I'm not too good a speller, but I knew lots of 2 letter words. I think that's the secret, don't you? Nowdays I don't think I could concentrate for a whole game.

    Did you ever play bridge at duplicate clubs? There are a few commercial clubs in the Los Angeles area, but bridge seems to be a dying game.

  8. Jana1

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    Hey Rockgor, You sure have it right on the successful way to win Scrabble...those 2 letter words are the trick.

    I asked you because I have Yahoo Messenger and they have a game almost just like scrabble that you can play with anyone you talk to. It is very easy to get into and you can chat at the same time. I love to play with a friend, but don't have any that like to play anymore! sad me.

    I was never good enough to play duplicate..and if Bridge is dying out whaT A VERY SAD THING. I can't imagine it, but perhaps it is going the way of wearing dresses to church nad gracious living things like that. Most women work so don't have afternoons for bridge.

    do you know what? I am not going to ask you any more questions. It is your turn if you have anything you want to know about me. I am through with deposition taking!!! Hugs, Jana
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    Gordon is always asking me about conversations, and I say, "Well, he didn't say." He says I should ask.

    Guess it was my early upbringing. Be polite; don't ask questions. Anyway, like many retired people I have spent a lot of time looking back and thinking how things could have been.

    If I had it to do over again I would have been a teacher at a college, or law school. Preferably in a medium-sized city.

    Where did you teach? Was it rewarding, fun, maddening, all of the above? I love history. Was just reading last night about U. S. Grant. When he came home from the Civil War the citizens of Galena, IL gave him a lovely home. Can be seen today.

    Hope you're having a good day. Any of those grandkids live near you?