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    i have tried to think of a tv show to send bio's to in UK.

    i'm not much of a tv watcher, but had one idea. the Richard&Judy Show, i'm sure they will do stories with a topical or scientific tie-in, its all kept quite light, yet also takes a serious subject seriously.

    if they do bite they might want a UK person to go there or to talk to.
    Here is their email addy....comments.rj@cactustv.co,uk...

    if i think of anywhere else i will post


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    i'm not very photogenic........if it was not possible to find someone else ,
    but i probably could, either way i'm not sure.....i have been on TV before...i'm not sure if i'm not too ill now.....

    you can tell i'm in a really decisive space on this !!LOL