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    Saw your post below...welcome!

    I've been on this board for about a week or so trying to learn as much as I can as I prepare for my visit next week with the LLMD. I am really hoping for answers!

    I just got back from another specialist I've been seeing for 8 years (nothing to do with CFS/Lyme) and he is very well respected and well known in our medical community. He also works out of Columbia as well as our local hospital here in NJ. Every doctor pretty much refers you to him when you need his speciality.

    Anyway, it was simply a follow-up for meds I needed and I mentioned my issues, etc and of course it even left him perplexed, but I mentioned I am under the care of Dr. L now for the CFS. He spoke very highly of her. He knows of her work and her personally and said he will place a call into her. Even though my issues are pretty much out of his relm, he is aware of who she is and has respect for her. And coming from someone who is so highly regarded, that says a lot about HER. I've always liked her and thought she was a good doctor, but it was nice to get the confirmation.

    I hope your daugther is doing okay and I hope the Lyme is the end of this difficult journey for us and leads us all to better health. I'm keeping my fingers (and toes!) crossed!

    I saw your post on the other board about your kidney issues and I hope they get to the bottom of that too. It must be very difficult to have a sick daughter when you aren't always feeling well yourself.

    Are you in NJ or NY? We have a CFS support group here in NJ if you are interested. Do you go on the "other" Lyme board? you can always look me up there and PM me and I can give you info on it.