Hi Looking for some views on my CFS/ME/Fibromyalgia, sore jaw...

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    ...sore guts every morning, difficulty swallowing, and tiredness to the extreme. The doctor has now prescribed medication to deal with symptoms but in taking an edge of the pain its made the other problems worse. What do I say to my doctor, she continues to give me a look of disbelief whenever I tell her things seem to be working for one thing and making other things worse.

    Trying to explain to people seems a wasted effort and they dismiss the symptoms and work of course are just asking so when do I think ill be back!

    Some feedback would be appreciated, I am on Diclofenic, Codamol, fluoxetine, and some stomach protector.... are these things good or bad for my symtoms? Doctor seems to think so till we got through the process of re diagnonsis given I gave up with the docs years ago ( was intially diagnosed in 1997) so what shall I say to her I have asked for a referral to the consultant although grateful the shoulder and neck pain subsided I have to be able to get off the toilet in the morning to be able to get to work on time and I need to be able to get to sleep and wake up naturally...why can I not?

    I am now wondering do I nered to change jobs, I drive 104 miles per day and am a manager with a team of people and 4 projects and a lot of networking and yes brain fatigue has led to the work piling up as I stare at it wondering why can I not get in to it...nothings distracting me im just knowing its going to take me ages to get through it!...

    I also need to know would cannabis ( I know its illegal) but would it help or hinder any views?

    I am getting to the point I miss my old self I like her much more than this rather frustrated alternative person Ive become... ok rant over and thanks alas somewhere I can scream out and ask for some help in understanding what on earth is going on with my body and why is it happening please and ideas welcome... if nothing else I need to try and find out as much as I can to share with my doctor and hopefully get the symptoms back in check and return to some normality please.....

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    sativex is a spray that should be legalized in about 2 to 3 yrs. it is pot based spray that you spray in your mouth it is suposed to have all the benefits of pot without making you feel all doppy.they will be doing phase3 of the study at the end of this year, so im crossing my fingers that it goes through.i mean the sell all kinds of drugs that make you spaced out and there has never been a report of someone dying fron too much pot. canada already aproved it the u.s. needs to get with the program. charlene
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    Each of us reacts so differently to so many things. But, for me, I stay away from prescription meds just for the reasons you mentioned. If I take a pain med, yes, it helps the pain but totally shuts down my colon. Then, it's laxatives and sometimes enemas. Forgetaboutit! So, I stick to supplements. Mainly, magnesium/malic acid plus fish oils.

    Unfortunately, aching teeth (and TMJ...have it and OUCH!) go hand-in-hand with this DD. I've had to avoid dentists, otherwise I have a TMJ attack. My teeth also ache...just be gentle when you brush. Don't use an electric toothbrush...get the very softest bristle you can find (kid's if necessary). That helped me a bit. Also, don't sleep with more than one pillow. Lay as flat as possible, yet try to be comfortable.

    Your job sounds very demanding. Along with the long drive, I'm sure you get even more stressed. Even those AM's when you need time in the bathroom can add to that stress. No advice here...I'm just empathetic.

    And, unfortunately, some doctors just don't "get it". I stopped going to mine because of "the looks". The most important thing you can do for yourself is cut back on your stress, rest (I know sleep can be ellusive), and try to stay away from processed foods. I find I feel better when I eat real food. If I do eat pizza (as an example), I know I'm going to feel worse..and expect it.

    As for cannibis...I'm very sensitive to smells and one smell I can't hack is marijuana. This is one drug that's very helpful to cancer patients...and it would probably help some here with this DD. I also feel it should be legalized, but I don't think the cartels are going allow that...too lucrative.

    Hang in there...you're doing the best you can...

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    A terrible commute.

    I live in CA. A friend of mine gets legal mj here. Gets an Rx and takes it to what he calls "the candy store". All legal.
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    I take proton pump inhibitor for the stomach issues, and have recently got it down to a third the OTC dose, and it works just as well at 7mg as 20mg btw.

    I am not familiar wiht the other meds, but do think calcium, magnesium and vitamin D all help with pain.

    I am sorry you feel poorly.

    Love Anne Crowmell
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    WE keep dating ourselves with certain terms. Most younger

    people don't know know what mj means. In the sixties here

    in S.F. my mother thought they were refering to those

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