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    How is H doing with the removal of the cast? I hope things went smoothly.

    Well my eye doctor ruled out vision as a reason for my falling. Basically people that fall with vision issues start have depth perception issues. I have never had any depth perception, due to my muscle imbalance, so I have been compensating for this problem since I was quite little. SO now it is up to the neuro...

    Take care...
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    Good news about H's foot...and I know how scary the cognitive issues are for me...I hope a solution is created - by working with the counselor and doctor and of course you.

    Since my rheumy (he is my primary care doc too) works at Rush and it's a medical school the residents are very thorough. I am seeing the top guy so hopefully he will have some answers. Like you and H I just want to know what is causing it and how I can fix it...

    Take care, Nancy