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    How are you doing? I hope well. My funk seems to have floated off. I probably did alot damage to myself with the following actions:

    1. Weaning off my zoloft - timing probably could have better
    2. Waiting a whole year to see my parents - way too long and the shock was really hard
    3. Looking through old pictures for most of the weekend so the shock above was even worse because of the memories
    4. Travelling just taxes me and I need to pre-prepare for travel
    5. Stupid perimenopause has sent me another lovely TOM - I felt awful

    But I am on the rise and and life is ok. Boss man is back tomorrow so that vacation is over too. We have to deal with performance appraisals this week...always fun. I am going for the top this time for myself. He better be prepared for me this time - PMA PMA! I am worth it.

    Check in when you can...Nancy
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    I really feel for both of you - my heart goes out to you too. Did you see the man in NYC save a kid who was having a seizure and fell on to the subway tracks. Unbeleivbly brave and I am glad it worked out but I couldn't help but think of his two young daughters and what if they had jumped to help too. Very scary.

    Zoloft - Here's the thing I am on nine drugs that I take once or twice a day, one I take weekly (Vit D - not really a drug but sure is helping my nails), Humira twice a month, and I take Boniva monthly. When I was at the doc last we discussed all of these drugs and went through one by one to see if there was a way to decrease the number of drugs I was on.

    Zoloft was the only one we thought about trying to go off -I was put on it for both sleep and depression of sorts when I was diagnosed years ago. I am fine now but I will watch it and see what happens. The NP also had a unique way of looking at it all - it is not so much that I HAVE to take all of these drugs - is that I CAN take them and it contributes to a better life through taking them. We shall see.

    I have a doctor's appointment sometime in January but besides the emotional stuff and TOM I feel pretty good. Nothing is actually hurting today - weird but I will take it!

    Bossman is back and in a good mood. I get to give 2 of 3 employees higher ratings this time and this is a good thing. I have 3 somewhat neurotic crazy 60 year old working for me - me who is definitely crazy and neurotic - and it has been a tough 5 years. I have never managed non-educated (I think I may be education biased which is not good) staff before and it is really different especially since they have worked here over 20 years and I am the new upstart. But finally this year we got it right and life is good. And hopefully my boss stays in a generous mood for me!

    BTW - I have a corner office (his is not a corner office but twice as big!) The building was constructed when corner offices were big so our building is quite unique because each floor has 6 corner offices and there are two towers. My office looks out over Madison and Wacker Drive and it is a good office. Too bad when we move the floors to the CBOT I won't have an office anymore - the trend now is for cube farms and I hate that! Oh well - insurance has to be worth it.

    Well that is what is happening - I'll let you know what he does for my performance apprasial...fingers crossed. Take care!