hi, me again,i got cut off earlier mess. need advice on asking do

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    i really trully hope someone will give me some advice before i go to doctor friday. i haven`t been on this week ,i been having those awful head,neck and jaw and ear pain. thats why i need something different,he`s iffy when it comes to pain meds. anyone got any advice about how to approiach him without falling at his feet and begging for mercy,(i`m not beyond doing that if i thought it would help),pain makes you crazy sometimes. please help if you can. nje
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    probably not a whole lot of help, but I do try, lol.

    Make a list of your usual Pain's, and then add the new one Pain synptom to the list and when it started. I also said you might mention, that you want a Tempoary increase of your Pain Med till you can get the Problem undercontroll.

    If it's a new Health problem you can deal with it and meds then. But in the meantime, and Pain is Mean., ask for something for the Breakthrough Pain,.