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    Just curious. Did you ever try the crutches? If so, how do they work for you, and if not, are you using a walking aid? I just got a red pair of the forearm crutches---GRRRRRR!!! Very sexy---LOL!!

    Hope all is well.

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    ...but Red would be my choice, too. I did get the strolling walker with the seat and under basket - in burgundy - very nice. At least now I don't have to stand in lines; I always have a place to sit. I do need to get the bicycle bell for it - I still like my Dad's suggestion of an airhorn.

    I would love to have the crutches, though, but don't have the extra cash right now.

    Something funny happened the other day. The walker was sitting in the Dining Room and one of our cats went racing through the house, only to find the walker in her path. She jumped up on the seat and went rolling across the floor - it was hysterical, she had the oddest expression on her face.

    Thanks for asking,
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    If you put the word "crutches" in a search engine, you'll find any number of sites that sell forearm crutches that are not expensive----around $40 for a pair. If you're already usng a walker, then you've gotten over the mental block of using something to help you walk, so the crutches would not be a problem. I've tried a walker and the crutches are much better for me snce they are not as awkward. But you need to learn the 4-point and 2-point gaits to get the most benefit from them. It's different than using crutches for a broken leg.
    How often do you use the walker? I use my crutches around the house only on bad days, but use them most of the time when I go out. I still feel a little self-conscious using them, but I also feel a lot more secure, even on a good day when I could probably walk without them. If anything, I probably use them a little too much, but who's to say?
    By the way (I'm so nosey), how old are you. I'm 29 for a little while yet.
    If you do try the crutches in the future, pleae let me know how it works out.


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    If it weren't for trying to get past the neighbors without them seeing me. Seriously, I am a hermit for the most part and am working very hard on being eccentric at 46 - I want to be like Katharine Hepburn.

    I have been using a cane since I was 23, when the need for my first back surgery left me with permanent nerve damage in my left outer leg. It is so dead, I can be standing right next to something and fall over it 'cause I didn't even feel it there. I have a bad scar on that leg from a hot spot that developed on my heating pad - could feel nothing but a slight irritation somewhere on my leg. I was shocked to see what had happened - second degree burn. I also have a very unstable joint in that knee - doctor called it "sloppy"(?).

    Anyway, I wish now I had followed your suggestion and gotten the crutches first. I feel a little silly using the walker, especially when the older folks gawk at me. It makes me feel like I took the last carton of ice cream or something.

    Thanks for the thoughtfulness and the Hugs,