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    Hi Mikie,

    Thought I'd start a new post so we wouldn't have to scroll way down. Yes, pruning branches was tough! I'm still feeling good about that. The tree looks so much better now, and it's not jutting out towards our heads now. Much safer. Now we need to seal off the areas where we cut it so it won't be disease prone. The fun never ends does it? ;-) I didn't know that palm trees bloom either. That's really interesting! Bees are not a good thing to have around. We get bees occasionally around our bushes right by our front door around the spring time. They don't seem to be interested in us or coming indoors, but I still don't like them so close.

    I'm thrilled for you that the bath project is almost done! Look forward to seeing a picture. Glad you are continuing to pace yourself. A Tuscan-like landscape---how pretty! The creative part sounds like a well-deserved reward at the end of the project. I LOVE Rubbermaid products. So rugged, long lasting, and great for organizing!

    I knew you'd know about the screws. I think you knew more then the folks at Lowes! Defective drywall----how frustrating indeed! I seem to remember somewhere back in my brain seeing something on the news a month or so ago about defective drywall or something similar that occurred on a small number of homes in Florida. They got the materials from China (where else right?). In this particular scenario, it caused mold problems, and the families got sick and had to leave.

    The curtains/valances/pillows sound stunning!! And "what a deal"! I love finding beautiful things on sale.

    I gotta tell ya, I'm getting this feeling that I'm going to see Andy on TV one day---whether it's for the Olympics, college or pro sports, or a combo thereof. Just a little hunch. I'm going to be looking out for him! You're going to have a great time skiiing together.

    Speaking of which, Colorado sounds soooo great right now. We are having this outrageous heat wave right now with no end in sight. Our weather folks say that we usually have about 12 days with highs over 100 degrees all summer. We're just into summer now, and we've already obliterated that record. We had 111 yesterday. This is like August on steroids. It's stifling! I hope you are staying cool in S. Ft. Myers too.

    When you told me you lived in S. Ft. Myers, I cracked up because you did such an awesome job giving me wonderful details about Orlando before I vacationed there with my extended family, I was certain you lived there! :) S. Ft. Myers sounds really lovely. Being by a beach would be wonderful. I'm glad you enjoy it and that it agrees with you. We have the hot weather for long periods of time as you know but no beach. Corpus Christi has a beach (I can't remember how far that is from Austin), but it's not close enough to go drive to over a weekend.

    We are not on the coast like you are, but we have are aware of hurricanes. Certainly not in the way you are. Occasionally we have to be concerned with power outages and high winds from the hurricanes if they are going to move in our direction. Sometimes we are advised to stock up on food and other supplies. The last few times we have been advised to do it, the hurricane turned in another direction.

    Houston and Galveston are more vulnerable to them though. Galveston is closer to the coast then Houston. Houston is about 3 hours from us. Galveston was hit with a huge whopper just last year and sadly, it really devastated them. It was the most intense hurricane they had had in I want to say 100 years? We always take in a very large bulk of Texas and Louisiana hurricane evacuees. We took in TONS of Hurricane Katrina evacuees. I remember when I substitute taught, I met a lot of the kids because several of them either moved here or lived here temporarily.

    The evacuation process in insane. While Houston is only 3 hours away from us, when they evacuate, it can take them up to 12 hours to get here! Crazy! They evacuate to other areas also, but of course it takes them a tremendous amount of time to get anywhere. Our city is very welcoming to them.

    It's really interesting that you mention Gloria Estefan and how beloved she is there. We have a similar situation here with biker/cancer survivor Lance Armstrong. He started a cancer foundation (which you probably know about), which has really done a lot to promote cancer awareness. Because his office is in downtown Austin, we hear about him on the news sometimes. That and his Tour de France accomplishments, steroids allegations, etc. He also has a big celebration here every year that marks the date he has been cancer-free. Thousands of people come out to see him, and several well-known bands play music.

    I will pray that the hurricane season skips FL. Sending my continued hugs and good wishes for health and happiness from hot Texas!

    Love, Erika

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    Our thread was getting a bit long.

    Yes, I'm down to painting the vanity doors. I just put a coat of the primer on the fronts of the doors. It's oil based so it takes a day to dry. Tomorrow, I'll paint the backs of the doors and on Mon., I'll paint the fronts. Tues. is my day off and I'll install them. I've been really tired so am pacing myself. When I'm home, I rest a bit, get up and do something, and rest again. While all this is going on, I still have laundry, dishes, etc. Of course, living alone means I don't have as much to do and nobody who cares if it doesn't get done.

    There is a real problem with that Chinese drywall. It's only been in use since the housing boom started. There was a shortage of drywall, so the developers started buying it from China. It isn't just in FL but I think our problems with it are the worst. It emits a rotten egg smell from sulpher in the drywall. It corrodes the coils in A/C units and tarnishes jewelry and silverware. People are sick and having to move out. Some builders are going in and tearing the drywall out to the studs and replacing it. There is a class-action lawsuit. I don't know why we continue to allow ourselves to be poisoned by Chinese crap.

    My place is 16 years old but still looks like the new ones they build. Our little community is really well kept up. So many here are investing in updating their units, so I believe it will continue to be a good place to live. We aren't in Fort Myers proper but are south of town in a newer area. It's close to everything, an excellent location. My realtor said this neighborhood will always be in demand. From her lips to God's ear. It only takes about 9 mins. to drive to the beach off season.

    Andy's aunt and uncle, my other daughter and her husband, have a second home in Galveston. They rent it out and can stay there because it has an apartment downstairs. It survived the original hurricane and the latest one too. They had to fix the flood damage afterward but it wasn't that bad, considering the strength of the hurricane. Their place is on the east end of the island behind the sea wall. That is what saved it. My SIL's parents live in Houston. When Mom and I drove down here, we stopped in San Antonio and New Orleans. I had visited Houston and San Antonia before.

    Thanks for your prayers. There is a weak tropical wave in the Caribbean and so the season begins. We don't get too exicted here as we watch the waves cross the Atlantic from Africa. Weather forecasting has gotten so good that we usually know ahead of time if we are in "the cone." A lot depends on how the storm approaches us, the temperature of the Gulf waters, and the strength of the storm as it approaches. That said, though, nothing can be taken for granted. Storms seldom hit us head on, like Katrina did in N.O. That one was a whopper. It sat out in the Gulf gathering strength for days before it came ashore. Once, though, one bounced off of Mexico and came straight across the Gulf at us.

    Charley was the worst one. I rode it out lying on the bathroom floor in the dark. It took a wild turn at the last minute and went from a Category 2 to a Category 5 at the last minute. When it bounced off of Sanibel Island, it went to a Category 4. I think it was a Category 3 when it hit Punta Gorda, about 30 miles up the coast. It devastated that little town as it stayed over the river. Had it not bounced off Sanibel, it would have done the same to us as it traveled over our river. As it was, it took the roof off the high school gym about two blocks from me. The bleachers outside looked as though a giant had wadded them up like paper. Charley was forecasted to travel up the coast and come ashore at Tampa. You can just never tell with these storms.

    One has to decide three days ahead if one is going to evacuate. I've decided that I'll stay and ride anything out except the worst ones. Problem is that where I am, there is really no place to run. The people in Tampa went inland and were hit when Charley crossed the state. Ivan hit next and was scheduled to travel up the coast and hit near Tampa. My kids didn't want me to stay, so my daughter flew into Tampa and I met her at the airport. We drove on up to Atlanta and I stayed at her house. Ivan was headed to Atlanta, so I left and went over to the East Coast and stayed at Savannah. I drove down I-95 south as Ivan was going north just offshore on the West Coast. Ivan did a bit of damage to the kids' roof when it crossed over Atlanta. The biggest danger there is the tornados which the hurricanes can spin off. We had four storms come ashore in FL that year. Oy!

    I can't believe how hot it is in TX. I really believe it is hotter there than here. At least, we usually have the breezes. It's about 90 here today but there was a breeze when I went for the mail and to take my trash and recyclables down to the dumpsters. It is supposed to be 98 in Atlanta today. It's hotter there than here and the air is usually sooooo still. That just makes it worse. One of the hottest days I've had was in SE Georgia was when it was 90.

    Andy will be four on July 2nd. He and his Mother will be in CO because she is on the board where they have a ski condo. I'm glad they will get away from the heat. I don't know if my SIL can get away or not. Believe me, if I ever won the LOTTO, I would buy a condo in the CO mountains. Back in the 50's, when lots of Texans got rich off of oil, they would spend their summers in CO in the mountains. People my age, who grew up in CO, say "y'all" because of the Texans. Once A/C became common, they stopped coming. I remember their big old Cadillacs with those cylindar A/C units hanging off the passenger windows before A/C was common in cars.

    I really love it when famous people overcome their illnesses or injuries. Lance Armstrong and Scott Hamilton both overcame testicular cancer. I think it really inspires a lot of us. On the other hand, it is so tragic when gifted celebrites get caught up in unhealthy habits and die too young. Elvis' life was so sad. Same with Michael Jackson. Farrah Fawcet's son couldn't even be there when she died because he was in jail for doing drugs. My CO SIL is from a show business family and he knew her when she was just starting out. My CO daughter worked in movies for a while when they lived in LA. She did something with Farrah and said she was so nice. My SIL really respected her. Everyone loved her.

    BTW, speaking of unhealthy habits, read my post on the FMS board about sugar. It's scary.

    Again, thanks for the prayers. I keep you in mine as well, my friend. Take care.

    Love, Mikie
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    Great to hear from you as always. How are you? I hope you are feeling well and having good energy. Looks like you have another thread that says you're all down with your bathroom project? AWESOME!!!! I really admire how you do it all!

    I bet your place looks amazing the way you keep it up, and I bet it looks even newer then some places that are 5 years old. That's crazy re: the Chinese drywall. Indeed, you'd think people would learn from mistakes and not buy from China or at the very least scrutinize their products much more stringently.

    My hubby and I figured out on Sunday that we would be able to take a road trip to see my parents and sister in the Oklahoma City area where I grew up. We're leaving this Friday for about a week. That's going to be a long trip. At least 8 hours on the road. Since then I've been in a tail spin trying to get ready with all of the packing and endless details. Packing drives me a little nutso.

    Rick works long hours, so I'm the one that coordinates the neighbors taking care of the house, the snacks for the car, making sure the house isn't a mess, plus all of the extra stuff I need to make sure I'm feeling good for a car trip. I always try clothes on to make sure they fit right---why is it that our bodies "change" over time? We can weigh the same, but our bodies "shift"? Certain clothes fit, but other ones sometimes don't look right. This doesn't happen with guys I've noticed, at least not with Rick.

    This whole packing process feels endless sometimes and takes me days to complete. Of course like you did with the bathroom project, I have to pace in addition to the regular chores I have to keep up with. That's my whine (where's my cheese!). I love seeing people and getting a change of pace, but someone, please pack for me! ;-) In contrast Rick takes literally 30 minutes to pack. I could scream. :) Should be a really great trip though once the packing is done.

    We are getting a fantastic break from the heat today due to some very welcome rain. We are literally ONE YEAR behind in rain, an entire 24 inches behind. I've never seen such a terrible drought in the 19 years I've lived here. It's 77 right now after being 107 for days. The A/C is getting a welcome break, and I feel a lot more energetic today.

    It sounds like you and your family are no strangers to Texas. I'm very glad that your daughter and SIL did not get the brunt of the damage to their second home in Galveston. What a blessing. I do remember now that you said you had visited Houston. I lived in Houston for a very brief period of time. It's so big, I found it a little overwhelming.

    You're right that the hurricanes that hit N.O. and Galveston were unusually strong. I hope that we don't get any more like that. They were so devastating. I can't imagine you dealing with four hurricanes in one year. Oy indeed!! You mentioned tornados that spin off. We can get those also. We are also very tornado-prone in general. We kind of get used to it the way you "get used to" hurricanes. We pray a lot, and most of them aren't that bad.

    I can't imagine the hurricane (Charley) that hit so close to home. Thank goodness you were ok!! That reminds me of the tornado that hit 1 mile from our house in Oklahoma in 1976, when we first moved there. A new elementary school was being built, and the tornado hit the school. They had to start the building process all over again. However, that tornado seems far away compared to the proximity of that hurricane you're describing. Good grief.

    That's what makes me a little nervous about weather forecasting these things. The forecasting has improved dramatically over the years, but the way these hurricanes can make these sudden shifts. It's crazy. I think they've even discussed that on the news a lot how it's hard to predict hurricane direction.

    I don't know why it just occurred to me to mention that I've been to CO before. It's really gorgeous. My family and I visited when I was younger. I know we were in Durango, and I want to say Denver also. We didn't ski, but we did a lot of fun, touristy stuff. I was elementary school age, so my memory is fuzzy. I also went to a camp there. I liked it, but I had altitude adjustment issues. We did some heavy-duty hiking and that was tough b/c of the altitude. It was soooo pretty though!!

    I can of course completely relate to you wanting to get away from the heat. A condo in CO would be nice! That's cute that a lot of people said "y'all" in CO because of the summer Texans. I hope your daughter and Andy have a great time in CO and that he has a great birthday!

    I agree with you re: famous people overcoming illness or injuries. I hope that people learn from the tragedies of gifted people who die too young. Of course it's terribly sad, but I hope that others learn from it because their message will reach so many people. Heath Ledger being an example.

    Maybe I'm weird (wouldn't be the first time I've heard it!), but I LOVED Michael Jackson's music. I love all kinds of music in general. I grew up listening to his tunes and still have many of his songs on my I-Pod. I know he was a controversial celebrity, but his music and dancing were absolutely innovative. That's really interesting re: your daughter and SIL knowing FF. She came across on TV as a very nice, warm person. It's nice that she was that way in "real life".

    I read you post on sugar. LOVE IT! Awesome info. Salt is also an underestimated enemy---too much can raise blood pressure. I eat very low sugar foods and have for years. (I also don't eat any foods with white flour.) Don't miss it. In fact, I sometimes feel sick when I eat something high in sugar. One banana or something similar during the day is ok for me because everything else I eat is low in sugar, and I'm usually very active during the day. Plus, after having it tested, I realized that I tend to have low blood sugar if I'm not careful. (We're all so individualized aren't we?) However, something high in added sugar, that's where I feel myself almost getting sick and my energy lowering. The body doesn't want the sugar, need it, or know what to do with it.

    Well, back to pack and see what else I lack. (There's a bad rhyme if I've ever seen one!) I'll try to write again before Friday, but if I don't get a chance, of course I'll look forward to writing when I get back in town. I hope you have a wonderful 4th of July holiday! Feel good. I'm so happy you're done with your bathroom. Now you can relax and enjoy it!! Hit the beach too. What patience and tenacity you have.

    Sending lots of warm hugs and prayers to you.

    Love, Erika
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    Oh, I'm so happy you and Hubby will be able to get away. I love road trips, even when I go by myself. Atlanta is about 8-9 hours from here. I haven't driven it in a long time. I usually fly on my SIL's passes. The only problem with trips that length is that they aren't long enough to stop overnight but are just long enough to wear one out by the end of the trip. I'm so exhausted by the time I get about 1 1/2 hours outside Atlanta that I'm ready to drop but by that time, there is no way I'm going to stop. I usually hit it about rush hour and it's usually raining. Oy! Do you both drive on road trips? Even if only one drives, it seems to help to have two people. I pray the trip is safe and you have a wonderful time.

    My only story about OK City is that when Mom and I came to FL, we drove her car and shipped mine in the moving van. Our goal was to get from Denver to OK City the first day. We wanted to stop in Houston to see my SIL's Mom and spend the night in New Orleans. We had time to kill before our moving van arrived in Ft. Myers so why not enjoy things along the way. We also stopped in San Antonio and spent the night. But, I digress...

    I stopped for gas off the hwy. in Ok City and we were going to stay the night. Well, the neighborhood didn't look too safe so we decided to drive just a little south of there to a small town. I can't remember the name of the town. I was exhausted and wanted a drink. Imagine my dismay when I found out OK is dry on Sundays! We spent the next night in San Antonio in the beautiful hotel right on the Riverwalk. We walked down to the Mexican restaurant on the river and had Margaritas in bowls! I figured we could crawl back to the hotel if we had to :) Boy did that taste good!

    My Mom was in her late 80's when we moved here. On the way, we had to drive through Kansas. Strangely, one has to pay a toll at the end of the hwy. just before going into OK. I stopped to pay the toll and asked how much it was. The lady said, "$1.75." My Mom said, "Hell, I'd pay $3 to get out of Kansas." That still cracks me up. She was originally from Nebraska and I think they had a rivalry going on. She was a Cornhusker fan to the end. She used to lord it over me that NE always won when they played CO. I told her that they still lost because they had to go home to NE. I lovingly called her, Flatlander.

    I thought of you when I heard that you got rain. We have been in a drought down here until this spring but nothing like what GA and TX have been going through. I can't believe how much rain that little tropical wave has been bringing. Boy would I ever love for our summer to consist of only tropical waves and the rain they spin off. No hurricanes! It started to rain hard since I sat down at the computer.

    Yes, our bodies do shift, and worse. I used to have the best arms and wore sundresses and sleeveless tops. Women my age were always remarking on how they had to quit wearing them because of their arm flab. I didn't expect my skin to sag at age 65 but it has and I can no longer wear those things with confidence. I was a jockette before I got too sick to do sports and work out like I used to. Since FMS attacks soft and connective tissue, I do think it affects us more. I can't work out or it leaves me in bed. Swimming is about the only thing I can do. I try to work out with light weights but that makes me very sore. Whine, whine, whine. Fifty may be the new forty but sixty is still sixty.

    I loved Michael Jackson too, especially his videos with those amazing dancing moves. My kids were in high school at the time. My GA daughter went to his concert twice when he was in Denver. He just got so weird, like many celebrites do when they become superstars or stardom comes too early.

    Glad you liked the info on sugar. It was a life-changing program for me. Sometimes, we know things in a sort of disconected or obscure way but something we encounter causes us to pay attention. I had actually been on a low-carb, high-protein diet but just got lazy and fell off the wagon. Death doesn't scare me but becoming so debilitated that I am dependent on others does. I saw too much of that when I went out to clients' homes. Most of us in my family live to a ripe old age and then die of massive heart attacks. Not a bad way to go. I just want to stay as healthy as I can in the meantime.

    My prayers go with you on the trip. Will be anxious to hear about it when you get back.

    Love, Mikie
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    Thanks so much for your warm message. You are always so kind and supportive. You're right, the trip to OKC is too short to break up into two days, but it's definitely a long one-day drive! Sounds just like Atlanta. I like to drive, but I have to feel rested, which of course makes sense for safety reasons. Have you heard of Edmond, OK? That's where I grew up. It's a suburb of Oklahoma City. It's a little bit north of OKC.

    Sometimes people here in Austin set off fireworks late at night for long periods of time, and that really messes up my sleep. They do this several days in advance of the holiday too. Knock on wood, it's been so much better this year for some reason (and I'll take any reason!). I'm really happy about that.

    There's no direct flight to OKC from Austin. Everything stops in Dallas, so it's always two short flights; sometimes we'll wait in the airport longer then the actual flight time. Sometimes flying is nice, but other times it's nice to drive for other reasons---no airport restrictions and putting toiletries into teeny tiny tubes.

    LOVE your mom's comment that she'd pay $3 to get out of Kansas! How cute is that? What wit. The KS/NE rivalry is just like the OK/TX rivalry. It's always funny when OK plays TX given that I grew up in OK and live here. I get teased a lot. It's funny.

    Why is the body so unforgiving as we age? I have the kind of body that if I "look" at cookies I'll gain 5 pounds. It seems like if I indulge just once, and it all goes amok! I have to do several extra workouts to get rid of that cookie---seems like it's not worth it.

    I'm glad the "low-sugar" diet is working so well for you. (I know it's so much more then that). I think we really feel a lot better when we feed out bodies the food that it wants.

    Also, I think it's great you swim. My mom swims almost every day. (She doesn't have FMS or ME). I think it's one of the best activities to do as we age. I'm 39 and work out every day, and sometimes I get tendonitis because of it. The swimming is awesome as you know b/c it doesn't bother the joints. I don't know how older folks can run every day. I know people around my age and a little older that run marathons, and I don't know how their joints aren't killing them!

    Back to the endless details of packing---I don't think it ends until we pull out of the driveway! LOL

    Thank you for your prayers for the trip. Much appreciated. My prayers are with you for a healthy, happy week too.

    Love, Erika

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    Yes, when I fly, it's a whole other stressful event. It's especially iffy when I visit CO in the wintertime. Denver is where everything comes to a halt when those storms move in. I can't imagine anything worse for us than having to sleep on the floor in an airport. Hasn't happened to me yet (knocking on wood here).

    Didn't get over to the pool today. I did get the floors cleaned up, including shampooing the carpet. It had so much ground-in soil in the traffic patterns. That's the only areas I do because it's just me here and only the traffic areas get dirty. I also finally got all the paint and tools put away and the walk-in closet, where I store my tools, cleaned out. Those are HUGE things to get out of the way.

    Normally, people around here shoot off fireworks too but not this year. They just had a segment on the news that because of the lousy economy, fireworks sales are waaaaaay down. Heck, sales are waaaaaaay down at the supermarkets. If people can't afford to eat, they probably can't afford fireworks. That's fine with me. A lot of the cities and orgs. which normally have fireworks shows are not doing them this year. I love fireworks but it's the getting to the event, finding myself in huge crowds, and getting out which keeps me at home. I'm opening the store tomorrow at 6:45. I get off at 1:30. We are close to the beach and a lot of people will be shopping on their way. That means I have to get up at 5:00 in the morning. I'll be too tired when I get off to care about anything, including fireworks.

    It's great that your Mom swims almost every day. I really should get with the program and get myself over there. I used to go to the pool a lot. Now, I'm so pasty that I glow in the dark. The pool is next to our condo bldg. My bedrooms look down on it. We have a really beautiful pool too. It's much bigger than the normal condo pool. You can actually swim laps. Now that I'm trying to eat better, I need to get busy on being more active. Working around the condo cleaning and doing projects isn't the same.

    I'm 65 and it's been difficult for me to see my body age. I was always so fit and looked younger than I was until I hit 60. I don't look bad but I do look my age now. Oh well, it happens to everyone. One of my neighbors is 50 and she has MS and Fibro. She runs all the time and has a fantastic body. I think her devotion to keeping fit has kept her MS and FMS under better control. Still, she has bad days and everything is difficult because of her illnesses. Because of my CFIDS/ME, I just can't work out hard anymore. I know swimming is the answer.

    Well, my friend, I am still keeping you in my prayers. Have a safe trip and a wonderful time.

    Love, Mikie