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    I'm here in your hood as you call it hahaha. I'm north tho. I thought you could tell me where used furniture stores are. I need a whit washed dresser or chest for my bedroom. I told the board member to give away a dresser I had because it was ultra ugly lol.we bought it used then. Well they took the wrong one.so I need to get one I half way like. I have a white washed wicker headboard and white washed wood night stands.thx it's tiring looking and my DH isn't very patient. Love gail
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    Just looked in yellow pages. There is a whole page of thrift stores and almost as many consignment shops. If you go to www.anywho.com, you can look up businesses by type and location. If you find a headboard and you feel up to it, you can paint it to look white washed or shabby chic. Good luck.

    Love, Mikie

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    I have new issues now! We were going to beach to meet up with bil and sil and our car overheated. I'm thinking from sitting in traffic. We had AAA tow it to a repair shop.

    I'm gonna save the day and ride my 3 wheeler to target tomorrow! :) and get food. My DH is in much better shape than me but has bad knees from hs football.
    Hopefully it doesn't cost much to fix. If I was rich I'd leave it and fly home.

    Ps does your condo ass allow RVs to park there? My uncle is using our condo in jan and feb and he has an RV.

    Thx again I'm gonna look up those places in case I get to go look. Look gail
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    Our assn. doesn't allow RV's. I don't think most do. There is an RV park which is popular on the way to the beach and one on the beach. Unfortunately, I can't remember either the names of the parks nor the street one is on. The one on the beach is on Estero Blvd., Ft. Myers Beach. It's probably already booked but you can check.

    Hope the car is OK. I just spent $450 to get mine fixed. I looooove AAA.

    Good luck to you.

    Love, Mikie

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    Cars fixed. My DH got it detailed too to make me feel better.

    I hope one of these times we can have lunch.my uncle is 85 wife 88 his son is helping drive his RV down. His wife has emphysema and on oxygen.im just worried .they said he can park it past dumpsters.ive never seen it but I'm sure it very nice.

    Oh we'll I've told my cousin the situation.love gail
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    But, unfortunately, the stomach bug is making another appearance today. I get better and do some work around here and, voila, the nausea and diarrhea is back. My kids in Atlanta and I have had this off and on since Thanksgiving. I guess it's now making the rounds of cruise ships. My neighbors return from a 10-day cruise today. I hope they were well.

    I pray for a safe trip and a parking space AND no more problems with your car.

    Love, Mikie

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    Back home they have the flu too. I know you've been dealing with a bunch of stuff.

    When I come down again ill see if you're feeling better. We could meet at Edison Mall or something. I get lost if you spin me around. I'm not kidding! If I stay on Cleveland I'm okay.

    I feel better that most condos have those rules.i thought they were just being picky to me. I've had this 1 lady say things to me several times. I'm here about 3 weeks a year.i admit I don't like rules that make no sense to me. But then again I want things kept to a certain standard.

    I know you're very knowledgeable in our illness. I remember when you were a moderator.you had some interesting info for people.plus I'm interested in the pendant thing

    Well I hope you feel better quick. Love gail
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    We have limited guest parking here and no place for RV's to hook up to electricity, water or sewer. Also, the size of our condos limits the number of guests. As it is, during vacation times, they put stress on our pool and tennis court. We're a bunch of old people who want to live quietly. We don't even allow motorcycles on the property at all. There are reasons for the rules that most of these condo villages have but they probably make more sense to us than to visitors. Most of the RVers prefer the RV parks and many make friends that they see there each year.

    This town makes no sense to visitors trying to find their way around. Cleveland is only Cleveland in town. It's also known as Tamiami Trail and Hwy 41. To make matters worse, some of the cross streets change names once they cross 41. When I moved here, I was in outside sales and had to learn my way around. If you think this is bad, try going over to Cape Coral with all their boat canals. What a mess. They have streets all named the same but some are streets, some are avenues, some are terraces and some are places. Sometimes, you can see where you want to go but there is a canal you can't cross to get there unless you know where you can cross. It was my worst nightmare.

    I am always armed when I go to the Edison Mall as it isn't in the best area. Still, unless I want to travel South, it's got the stores. I have to either go there or to the flea market, in an even worse area, to get a rubber cover for my phone before I drop it and shatter the touchscreen. I live south of Ft. Myers proper so I tend to try to shop down this way. I don't need much so I do a lot of shopping at Bealls. It's down the street from where I live.

    Granni says you are snorkling. I hope you can see some fish or other sea life. The Gulf is so cloudy. If you get a chance to go down to the keys, the Caribbean water is much prettier and clearer. It's a long drive down there, though. Whatever you do, enjoy your visit.

    Love, Mikie

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    I know the mess in Cape Coral. My relatives lived there. My uncle is using my condo so he's driving RV for comfort I guess.

    I didn't know Edison was dangerous. Lol I was there today at penneys. I have handicap sticker so I'm close to doors. I'm very cautious. My DH and I are taking concealed carry permit in the next few months too.

    I told my cousin the rules. He wasn't worried. I'm worried because I don't want my uncle put in a bad position. So I told him the situation.

    Thanks for info made me feel better. Love gail
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    Edison Mall is a bit safer now that they moved the bus stop out to the perimiter of the parking lot instead of right outside Penny's doors. Too much loitering by some really scary looking people. I had one nearly knock me down in Penney's when he was hurrying to catch the bus. There hasn't been much crime right at the mall but we have had a record number of murders in the city this year, mostly drug related. When I moved here, I was shocked at the violence in this area which was a small backwater town back then. That's mostly in the town.

    Out south here, it's much better. The Cape is better too. Some condo assns. enforce the rules and others are lax. Problem is that if rules aren't enforced and then there is a problem, it's almost impossible to enforce them because the problem makers can claim selective enforcement. There's a lot of rule breaking going on here but we have a parking lot Nazi who checks the lots. I am the pool Nazi who throws people out after dark :) If we don't enforce that rule, the health dept. can shut down our pool and our ins. co. can drop us so it's vital we do it. I'm always nice when I ask people to leave and so far, I haven't really had problems. I never take my gun when I go down but I do carry my phone and panic alarm for my car just in case.

    Again, I hope you are enjoying yourself. I'm still lying around because the stomach curd won't leave. My kids are skiing but they still have it too. Yikes!

    Love, Mikie

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    Last tear I got a letter saying my blinds weren't white. We've had the condo 6 or. 7 years.i said my mother is dying and I can't get down there right now. She said that was okay one owner was mad because he was reported for something so he went around looking for violations.

    We just took the wooden blind down and sprayed it cream. I want. To change them anyway. When I went to tell the ass member she said the man had passed away. I didn't even know him. I only know a few there.its an older condo but kept very nice so I like it.

    I'm home know and my body sure knows it!!! The warm weather is much better for fibro.

    I've skied once and had so much fun. It was probably 20 years ago. I don't think I could do it now.
    I hope you get better soon.i know the injections were helping so I hope they continue to help. Take care love gail
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    Glad the warmth is helping.

    We have an old busybody troublemaker. I think most condo assns. have one or two. Geez, having to have white blinds is really carrying it too far. We are more lax than that. I'm in the process of changing my old blinds to new plantation blinds but, like everything else, the going is slow, depending on how I'm feeling.

    Yes, the injections seem to have worked but I fell, then got a cold, then got sinusitis and, finally, got this stomach crud. Haven't had a chance to enjoy my new "good health."

    Take care.

    Love, Mikie