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Discussion in 'Caregivers' started by annee, Jan 21, 2002.

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    Just bobbing up after a weeks holiday, 750 kms south of (beautiful!!) Canberra, visiting 'my relatives on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria - southern state, where I grew up.
    Not a holiday really, as we prepared for my brothers 50th birthday party and with people coming and going constantly (nice to be popular!).
    Catching up with neices new boyfriends, seeing and reacquainting oneself with much loved and fast growing younger neices and nephews, one sister ending her marriage this week, brother getting back with his ex wife soon - it was all happening!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My kids had a ball going snorkelling in the bay each day.
    GB and I tried to salvage some R & R.
    GB had some great snoozes each afternoon, and I spent lots of time with my Mum & Dad who are elderly. Mum has just recently been diag. with Fibro. Really, I could have told her this quite some time ago, and my info from the net is what put her Dr onto it.
    She has like many here been fraught with pain and seemingly suffered in silence for many years.
    My mum is pretty amazing. She has taught me to move on...move through lifes situations.
    Mum and I are 'these days' like two peas in a pod, however we did not get along very well as I grew up. But now we are very appreciative of each other. "We have both mellowed" and how beautiful that is.
    It is raining here all over the eastern states. The fires are officially out as of a week ago.

    I have just been reading Mikies post about the names we use.
    What a great thread.
    I cried when I read about Mikies cat and the tribute she planted with the word 'Friend' closeby. Must have hit a chord, along with all the incredibly wise and touching words about living/coping with illness.
    I cannot get enough of the sincerity that comes through posts here.
    GB, me and the kids arrived home late last night.
    I find myself at work today again - what a habit!!, whilst GB enjoys another week of rest at home.
    Hope Brutus is okay after his asthma attack and I hope you - fine woman with whom I love communicating with, are 'doing well'. Give him a big hug from a fellow carer.
    Hugs for you Lynda and take care,
    I am still promising you those pics of us.
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    Just a real quick answer. I am in some sort of hell right now. Can't think because of the pain.
    Don is home for a few days on holidays. Took the car in to have the exhaust checked. The mechanic took it for a test run to hear the problem and the clutch let go and the car had to be towed back into town. $1500 and 3 days with no car and Don home into the bargain. Also tomorrow is grocery day. I think I will just wait until Sunday to get groceries. I hate to take a taxi.
    I am glad you had a good holiday. The kids seem to have enjoyed it.
    I will say good night as Lucky has managed to highlight and delete a paragraph 3 times.
    talk later

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    I am feeling a lot better today. The pain is still as bad but I went to the dr. and he told me it is nerve problems and can probably be fixed by physio and accupuncture. I am so glad that I will not have this pain the rest of my life. Have of my problem was I was so depressed because I thought it was fibro pain which they can't make go away.
    Now that I know if I work at it I can at least get rid of some of it.
    So I am back to my cheery self and won't make others suffer through my down mood.
    take care and have a great day.
    mom lynda