Hi my name is Lynsie and I have rare bone disease, please visit my blog...

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    Hi, my name is Lynsie, Im 23 years old, and I have a rare bone disease called Osteopetrosis (not to be confused with the very common Osteoporosis) I have created a blog explaining all about the disease and my story. My goal is to educate people about Osteopetrosis and its severity. To raise awareness of this disease and how seriously life altering and emotionally shattering it can be. Around almost every corner there are awareness ads, magazines, fliers, and commercials for diseases such as breast cancer, cervical cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes, etc., and while those are extremely serious, and some even deadly, diseases, Osteopetrosis should not be overlooked. My Doctor once told me that scientists could very well find a treatment or a cure for Osteopetrosis, but that there are just not enough people who know about it to fund its research. By writing this blog, and sharing my testimony, I can do my part in raising awareness, in hope that one day scientists may have the motivation to find a treatment or a cure. Please join me in raising the awareness for Osteopetrosis. And maybe one day we can find a cure.

    Please visit my blog at: http://lynsies-story.blogspot.com/

    please share this with people you know. Feel free to comment on my blog, ask questions or offer advice =)

    thank you
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    I have not heard of this Osteopetrosis.

    Thanks for sharing all you have posted.

    Good for you raising awareness and i also hope for a cure for you and any others with this rare bone disease.

    Wish you well