Hi. Need avice--very upset!

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    Hi. Well, yesterday I was leaving work for lunch with a coworker following me in her car. I pulled out of the street I work on and the green light changed. I just pulled out to go and was hit in the side by an 80 year old lady that RAN A RED LIGHT. THIS WAS HER FAULT. I HAVE TWO WITNESSES. The whole front of my car was gone. Lucklily I pulled out slowly or she would have killed me. Went to hospital, they released me. Today my neck and back hurt so much. I live alone and don't make much money. I had a 1998 Altima Nissan that was a great car with low mileage. I took out a second mortgage on my home to get that and am still paying on it. I am so upset that the insurance company will give me blue book value. I can't afford any loans and don't want to live with an inferior vehicle. I am going to the my Drs monday to see what is wrong with my neck and back. I am sure having fibro makes it worse. Does anyone have advice for me so I can get the insurance co. to give me enough money to get a decent late modle car? I really need advice. I haven't met with the adjuster yet. Thanks.
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    sounds like you pulled out then the light turned green. You may or maynot have a case. I had a driving nightmare of my own last evening; thankfully no one was hurt. A warning in my case. Best to you. Lil'
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    I don't have any good advice for you so I will just bump you up in hopes someone else may know something
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    And do not settle without legal advice. The insurance so is not your friend and they hope that you will be ignorant enough for them to fool.

    Don't be fooled, protect yourself. Otherwise you may be left with a sore neck and also a sore BUTT from bending over for them.

    Make sure you tell the dr's that you were in an accident. Leave a paper trail a mile long.

    Did you have full coverage ins? Did she?
    Start a file on this so you keep EVERYTHING. You will need it I guarrantee it.