hi new here just a few questions

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    In america do you class fibro as an auto immune disease or a neurological condition?
    What do you know about fibromyalgia?
    What is the difference between fibromyalgia, cfs and ME?i ask this because ive read in the research posts that the treatment if each can be detrimental to the other

    Can people have all 3?

    I have rhematoid arthritis too. On the body buiding websites it says vit b6 is inflammatory is this true?

    Is eating fish ok for inflammation because it contains omega 3 an anti inflammatory?

    Id like to take creatine, but as its a protein will that aggravate my inflammation?

    Does anyone participate in sporting activities on this board
    Do you think it could be linked to the mind, not in a mental way, but with regards to stresd?

    Why no celebrities been diagnosed?

    What supplements do you take?

    Right, ive read the rules on this board, who runs the board? Are the moderators employed by prohealth?

    I think thats it, lol, im use to another board but i thought id venture out. You seem to have very interesting research data on here, so im gathering you must be all very informed.

    Be grateful for your imput.

    Oh one more thing, what happens if you want to discuss health problems unrelated to fms, cfs, and ME?


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    Sorry i thought it easier to put all questions on one post for fear of taking up entire message board.

    Yes, i googled athletes with fibromyalgia to see how they cope with condition thats how i came across body builders and such. I am trying to stay physically fit but body does not respond so well as you probably know.

    I'm not from anywhere exciting London, although quite a swim from you. I do have a diverse family history. As i understand Fibromyalgia is classed as Neuro/endocrine, and diagnosed by Rheumatologist and cfs and ME are classed as two different entities. Both immune disorders.
    Thank you for your reply Leah/Freida
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    Welcome to the board! It is easier for us if you post one or two questions at a time, but no apology needed! Some people know a lot about one issue, others know more about other issues, so if you have a post with a specific issue (e.g., what supplements help you with FM) you can get some excellent information.

    There is a post right now near the top of the page called "Supps that made the biggest difference" take a look for more info.

    Fish is great for inflammation, as is fish oil and omega 3's in general. I'm sure you know that sugar and white flour are both very inflammatory, best avoided. You can read about low-inflammation diets.

    I don't know about creatine and inflammation - you might do a separate post asking that question and hopefully someone here will know the answer.

    There's a post about a new supplement called Anatabloc (see "Anatabloc Journal/Amazing results/pain & inflammation) by jaminhealth near the bottom of this page. She's getting remarkable results, although anatabloc is pricey but there is a free trial. But supposedly can help with both FM and RA.

    Also, ldn - low dose naltrexone - is helping many with FM and RA - see lowdosenaltrexone.org for more info.

    I think there can be overlaps between CFS/ME and FM, although they are not the same. Many here have both although I "only" have CFS.

    Re stress: Many have issues with weak adrenal glands, there are lots of posts about this if you do a search. A really good place to start is the adrenal stress index test, a saliva test which measures cortisol levels throughout the day and evening. ANd if one has high cortisol, it's easily remedied with Seriphos (phosphorylated serine)

    So there's so much to look into - diet, supplmenets, it can get rather complex.

    Oh yes, magnesium is supposed to be very important for FM, helps with pain too.

    Good luck, hope this is not too confusing -