Hi--new here! Quick question on wellbutrin

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    Hi everyone. I have fibromyalgia and have a question concerning wellbutrin. I am no longer taking meds to treat pain and depression associated with fibro. , but am going to the doctor next week and wanted to have a list of ideas to offer him. can anyone suggest good pain meds and depression treatments? Thanks so much--take good care
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    Hi Abbey,
    I take darvocet for pain (I'm allergic to vicodin), flexeril for sleep (sometimes Ambien- but I hate it),and Paxil cr for depression. They put me on regular paxil over the summer and it just wasn't the same. I have been on anti-depressants for about 15 years, and tried most of them. I'm most 'normal' with the paxil cr.

    Everyone is different though, and meds affect everyone differently. Just remember, if you go on one- make sure to give it some time to work (usually takes at LEAST a couple of weeks). Good luck....-Julie
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    pain meds...I'm on maximum dosage (400mg daily) of ultram. However, i think that has more to do with the severity of my pain than the drug not working...many here have had much success with it. Also take Zanaflex...began with 2 mgs...worked up to 8. Doc tried to get me to take 1/2 of it during the day, but I just flat out couldn't get out of bed. So now I take all 8 mgsat night.

    As for wellbutrin, I'm doing very well on 300 mgs....150 didn't seem to work very well at all. 2 women I know closely had the very uncommon side effect of suicidal idealation on wellbutrin...so make sure you pay very very close attention to your emotional wellbeing during the 1st few days. A nice thing about wellbutrin for me is that there's been no weight gain whatsoever (I've only ever been on small dosages of zoloft and lexapro for very short periods...they both made me gain weight like crazy. Also, and this is a bit personal, so sorry!, but I had vastly reduced libido on both zoloft and lexapro, and that seems to be much more "normal" for me on wellbutrin.

    Bottom line is that none of us are on the exact same meds. I'm totally out of control in terms of pain, must have something much much stronger added. But, even though under extraordinary amounts of stress right now, aside from occasional "flip outs" when everything just gets overwhelming at once (fighting unum provident for st disability, fighting my employer to keep my job, fighting my docs to give me meds...just took in homeless family member after she fled abusive relationship...and by the way, I'm 30 years old, newly married to a wonderful man, and until 4 months ago was a healthy happy professional woman....so yeah...there's bigtime stress! LOL) especially when my pain levels are really high like 8-9 range, and my thought process is foggy....On a normal basis, I wouldn't describe myself as "depressed" at all. Maybe some situational trauma based on recent circumstances, but so far wellbutrin seems to be doing its job.

    Best thing is to work out a plan with your doc and make sure you have the ability to call him immediately and get a return call or get into his office on an emergency basis if a med does something really weird to you.

    I've noticed that many of us with FM/CFS react very oddly to meds...often almost opposite of way others react to meds. I took Provigil for about a week to help with energy, and was on elavil at the time to help me sleep...within a few days, my neurological symptoms were so out of control that I was driving thru red lights and couldn't read or write!!! Also, I had a very weird "crawly" reaction to ultracet...which is really bizarre because ultracet is just a weaker version of ultram, which I take with no problems.

    If you're really interested in learning what meds are most commonly prescribed and what they do, side effects, dosages, etc...The AFSA website (devoted to fm research) has a TERRIFIC chart of all meds commonly prescribed and how well they're usually tolerated. I printed it and took it with me to my doc, along with questions about the meds that seemed to commonly have the "effect" i was looking for.

    Hope this has been some help to you!
    Best of luck!

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    Welcome! I've found so much wisdom and support here, I know you will too. I'm sorry you have fm.

    I'm fairly new to the pain and pain medication aspect of fms, but not new to antidepressants. I've taken them for 12 years. I tried many different ones. Mainly, at first I had to go to a different one because whichever one I was on before made me feel good and I thought I was cured. After a few weeks, the depression would descend, but the medication would no longer work, so on to the next one.

    I found a combination of wellbutrin and an antidepressant worked best. Effexor and Cymbalta were the best of the antidepressants because they work on both seratonin and norepinehron.

    My psychiatrist thought the wellbutrin worked on a chronic, low level depression and the other took care of major depression. The way we determined I had both types of depression was that once I started on the Paxil or Zoloft or Effexor, I no longer thought about driving into traffic, but still didn't feel that great. As soon as she put me on the Wellbutrin, I felt good. I told one person I worked with that I thought I was having a manic episode and she told me that I was just feeling the way most everyone else feels. Eye opener!

    I'll look forward to your posts!

    Take care!

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    I have taken Vicodin for yrs. but I know I need something stronger(I have DDD/OA also). As for anti-depressants,I have taken so many different kinds. What works for one,doesn't work for everyone. An anti-depressant has NEVER helped my pain though.I take Lexapro(lowest dose). The worst kind I ever took was Paxil. I gained 100 lbs. and I also had a HORRIBLE withdrawl when the Dr. insisted I go off it cold turkey.(he's lucky to be alive after that)
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    Hello Abby23 .. Yes .. it helps me to hear what other people are taking and what they think of it .. because I don'tknow anyone else with what I have .. except on here !

    My first treatment by the doctor I dumped was paxil .. it made me sick and didn't do a thing for me.
    When I was able to change doctors my new young female GP put me on amitriptilyne ( an old fashioned anti-deppressent) .. but it works on a few of us fibro people to cut down annoying symptoms .. over active bladder, twitching muscles, it did cut down on the tingly feeling in my feet, but that is back again .. and some sleep issues. But generally I think it helps me overall.

    Pain is addressed with "Oxy-IR" .. it is a narcotic pain killer but without the "tylenol" .. so I can control how much I put my poor liver through" .. night time pain is "hydromorphone" a derivative of morphine .. very mild .. I try not to rely on one pain killer for every thing .. worried I'll lose its affectiveness eventually.
    Flexeril for muscle spasam/twitching problems

    I have had a problem with headaches and take forinal .. only thing that really seems to help .. low dosage still. for now.

    I take supplements and have read a lot of terrific information on here about them all ..

    In the end it is trial and error with meds to find what is right for you and I won't say it isn't difficult .. but the effective meds for you are out there !
    Good Luck !
    Fudge : )