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    hi. i'm new here. i have not been dx. with FM yet but i believe i have it. from what i have read about this disease that i have alot of the symptoms. i am in the process of getting my stupid primary dr. to get me some help.
    any way i just wanted to stop in and say hi to everyone. hope everyone has a less painful day.
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    hi hunnebee,
    i hate to welcome you to the world of fibro/cfs, because it is so miserable, but welcome to our message board, it certainly helps take away the misery!

    a great place for support and comfort, info and opinions.
    hopefully your doc will find something simple and fixable , and you really won't have this, but if you do (and who knows your body better than yourself!), welcome to our world.

    one piece of advice--if you have a fairly new onset of symptoms, check out and try the guaifenisen protocol to reverse it before it gets to far.(can also be reversed if its further along, but easier if it is new)

    see the "search box" on top right of screen? type it in, then search by title and content, and a whole new world of info will open up to you!
    (this applies to everything else, too, not just guaifenesin)

    have a great day, and welcome--L
  3. i just want to welcome you to the board huneebee.im sorry that you are suffering from this illness.

    this site is fantastic,the members are fantastic,we are like one big family here.we share how we cope with this illness,and there is tons of very useful information here.

    we havent found a cure yet,sadly.but we are keeping each other focused on just getting through one day at a time.this site is a life line for so many of us.im so grateful that i have the internet.

    so welcome.

    kind regards

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    welcome aboard
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    I'll chime in on hoping that you are not diagnosed with Fibro. You'll get more respect if it's a brain tumor (just kidding, but you get the point I'm sure). In addition to FM, I have HepC (nonresponder to TX) and have had numerous ortho surgeries including both back/neck fusions. I'm on Soc Sec Disability at the moment,(but I'm awaiting the 2-yr review from SSDI, to decide if I'm "still Disabled). Aggrivation is a great motivator...so when people diss you and your illness, just get that more determined to make them eat their words. Besides who would willingly choose to live on 1/4 your monthly salary and have Medicare as your only form of insurance? Hang in there...
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    Welcome to our land and I hope you really dont need to be here. Have you found the literature on the trigger points for fm? It took most of us here years to get a real diagnosis because most of the medical community thinks "its all in our heads," which it is but its,but its also in many other places and has many other side effects. I have been through about 8 to 12 dr's in the last 5 years, but didnt like not being listened to and brushed off and then having to pay these so called dr's to treat me like I belong in the psyc ward or somethiing and then i got my current DR and talked to her and she talked to me and did tests and then without telling me what she was looking for she sent me to the rhuemetologist who did the pressure point test on me. I never even heard of fibromyalgia until i looked it up after that diagnosis was confirmed by the Rhuemy and i finally had the name of my illness that caused me all this pain and misery for all these years. I love my dr and if she ever moves ill have to kidnap her and keep her in my closet or something cause i live up in the mountains and i have been to all the drs up here and she is the only one i go to now....Tam