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  1. ablj6

    ablj6 New Member

    Hello, I am new the forum and have spent bit of time today reading many of your posts. I have been experiencing some strange symptoms since the birth of my twins 3 years ago. The symptoms began with my heart racing and a feeling like I was spinning. That resolved itself after several months, only for new symptoms to appear. Currently I have a terrible time with muscle aches and shooting/stabbing pains in my legs and arms and areas that just ache badly for no apparrent reason. For instance I will wake up with one of my elbows feeling as if I hit it very hard or injured it somehow. The pain may last for a couple of days and disappear as quickly as it came. I can stand to have my kids lean on me or have their elbows poking me.

    This past week I have suffered with pain on the bottom of my foot, right in the center. Again, I have not injured my foot to my knowledge. For years I have periodically had sensitive spots on my skin, where if anything rubbed against the area it was painful or uncomfortable. I am at my worst around my menstrual cycle and just a few days ago spent an entire day in the bed sleeping which is totally out of the norm for me. When I think back a bit farther, I have had many unexplained body aches over the years. I was treated in 1999 for a severe problem with my left hip where I was to the point of limping and could not lift my leg past a certain point without pain. I had an MRI done and nothing was found however I have from that day forward continually had a high "SED" rate when my blood is drawn...I was told that this is a blood test that indicates inflammation in the body. Oh yes, and let's not forget the night sweats and either I am freezing or hot! I have also had hormone studies done and nothing was out of the ordinary.

    Sorry for the rambling, but I am just wondering if any of this sounds familiar as I feel like I am going crazy. Thanks for any guidance you can give.
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  2. lovethesun

    lovethesun New Member

    Some of us cannot read posts without frequent breaks in the print.Today is one of those days for me.Again welcome to the board.Linda
  3. ablj6

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    Thanks for the reply! I am only taking naprosyn for the inflammation and it doesn't seem to be helping at all. I went to a rheumatologist back in '99 when I had the hip problem. All of my tests came back normal however I don't remember being checked for tender points. I am trying to find a new internist as my old one has closed her practice. In the mean time I am just trying to get by. Do you know if this disease is hereditary? My mom suffers from so many of the problems others have listed here and she has never had a definitive diagnosis of anything. I am going to direct her to this message board. Thanks again!
  4. ablj6

    ablj6 New Member

    I will make sure to break up the print...sorry about that.
  5. tandy

    tandy New Member

    No,..you don't sound crazy!! you sound just like me!!!

    (are we all nuts!?)

    I have all you've described here~
    Achiness that travels.
    One day its my whole back and shoulders,...
    which will stay for weeks or months,..then that will ease up and my legs will just kill me or I'll get apisodes of bad headaches. Basically I'm never without some sorta pain somewhere. Certain spots of my body hurt to be touched,..feels bruised but I don't see a bruise.
    My brain feels dull.
    I could go on and on but won't. (cause I'm sick of complaining. )
    I just wish someone would get off their 'you know whats"
    and find a treatment that works for us.
    Please seek an opinion from a Rheumatologist.
    My sed rate is up alot too. Thats why in the beginning they thought I had Rhuematoid arthritis as well as fibro.
    Do you have any memory problems,.sleep troubles or tired all the time??
    Your not alone,... and your not imagining all this,or overdoing it. Push for answers~
    Best of Luck :)
    I'm worse off as well around my monthly.
    I'd just assune crawl into bed for 3 days or more.
    I told my hunny,...if I had a bedpan to use those days,..I would!! LOL
    thats how exhausted and ill I feel.
  6. CarolK

    CarolK New Member

    If you notice at the top of the page there is a box you can type a word in so you can search past posts.

    Type in the word "polymyalgia rheumatica" or pmr for short.

    You should see lots of discussions on pmr... it is an inflammation in the blood which is indicated by a "high SED rate".

    I had polymyalgia rheumatica for over a year...I had low grade temps... flu like feelings and an achey feeling in my joints that almost felt like there was some swelling in them.

    When I would get up from a chair or couch it would take me several seconds before I could move cause it felt like there was gel in my joints... they call this a "geling feeling".

    I also had parts of my skin that hurt for no apparent reason... also lots of unexplained aches all over my body that seemed to travel from place to place.

    Also, do a google search on "polymyalgia rheumatica" and see what the complete list of symptoms are... see if you fit any of them.

    If you do in fact have pmr, you should see a rheumatologist and have repeated SED rate tests done. It is important to get your SED rate down as pmr can lead to other serious health issues if not brought down.

    I am not saying this to scare you, but it is important to know whether or not you have this condition. I needed to go on a year of prednisone in order to bring down the SED rate.

    Get yourself checked out. Oh by the way, after I got over the PMR I then ended up getting Fibromyalgia.

    Hope this helps... CarolK
  7. ablj6

    ablj6 New Member

    I really appreciate the input and I feel better knowing that I am not alone in my symptoms...even though I wish we could all be symptom free. I am going to check into the other illness mentioned above. Boy am I glad I found this message board!

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