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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by biddys2007, Aug 3, 2007.

  1. biddys2007

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    hi: just wanted to introduce myself to everyone and hope i can get to know all the wonderful people on here. i have ra and was dx 7 years ago,i also have some other medical problems. i was a certified nurse's aide and medicine aid at a personal care home and worked in a dr.'s office for a year and a half. hope all is well with everyone and look forward to joining in on this boad. i also go to the message board and sometimes the chat room. take care and God bless all of you and watch over everyone. biddy
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    I'm from Ky too...Northeast Ky, but we lived at Ky Dam for a few years, My dad worked on the park...beautiful place.

  3. biddys2007

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    thank you both for introducing yourselves to me. i'am origannlly from Pa,lived there until 1994 then moved to murray,ky. hubby worked in coal mines for 17 years until it closed down,now he drives a big truck.i went with him for a while until i could no longer make the long trips.we have been as far as california.2 sons live in pa and in-laws,have 1 daughter that lives close but she also is sick with lupus but doing very well at this time. have a black poodle 4years old. haven't worked in over a year and finally got my disablity what a fight. take care and hope to keep in touch. it is very hot,dry and humid here so that is hard on my old joints. looking forward to talking again. biddy
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    nice to meet you, sorry it has to be here.

    This is a great board, lots of support and fun too.

  5. biddys2007

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    thank you for answering me and welcoming to the board. i have been having a bad week with a friend of mine's husband being in the hospital for quadrupal bypass,he is still in and having some problems.i don't drive very much and these hot,dry and humid days in ky aren't easy. my daughter has a cat,named snickers and she is what they call a turtle color.she is big,spoiled and beautiful. my daughter has lupus but works full time as a social worker and is going for her master's degree in psychology this year,doing on line after work. she has her good days and bad but seems to be doing good for now. i hope you do better and soon,know it is hard not being able to do things for yourself.i'am 54 and sometimes feel very useless even though everyone tells me i'am not.take care and hope to chat again. prayers and thoughts biddy
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    I also have RA. I'll probably see you on the arthritis board too. There are good people on this site. You have found a great site with kind and caring people. Soft hugs. Joyfully