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    Hi Pat this is Lee

    I read all the comments and my beliefs are, the only religion there is (in my humble opinion) is DO AS YOU WOULD HAVE OTHERS DO UNTO YOU. That is a tall order. I believe that we are all G-d's children and that no one will be left behind. Just think of the people that never heard of G-D in the darkest places of the world, they live in tribes and some tribes are so good and care for their people. They have their own beliefs and are kind, wonderful people. Just because they don't know G-D, do you think they will be left behind. I don't think so.

    Just my opinion. Like to know what you think.

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    Hi Pat

    No this is not Marie, my name is Lee. Fairly new on this board. I go by Oscar but my name is Lee (female)from Montreal Canada

    Looking forward to hearing from you

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    This is Lee

    I am sorry, i never meant to question what you believe, I was just expressing my opinion. Sorry you took it so personally.

    See ya

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    Wherever there is contention Satan is present.

    I believe that the scriptures are true as best translated by English speaking men. Yes, the omnipotent personage/spirit we English people call God could have corrected errors in the scriptures...still could if He wanted to....however, I seek answers through that medium.

    Regarding the opportunity for all mankind to enter into a higher state of being than we/they are at present will not be taken from them. Just study 1st and 2nd Peter in the New Testament for some discussion of Spirits in the Spirit World and how Christ went there to minister and organize them expressly to be able to grow. That is not to say all will ascend to the highest plane; in My house there are many rooms or kingdoms.....God is a loving god and does not want to lose any of his children; however he lost Lucifer, who was a choice spirit. We do have accountability. We, who are given the opportunity to study and grow, will not be given the same opportunity in the spirit world as those who were not given this opportunity.

    We are back to .... all things good are of Him.
    Call it the Great White Buffalo, as I do, or a name unknown to us, if it is good, of good repore, I believe it is of God. The things beyond our understanding will be made manifest when we cross the veil. We are not to add to or take away from the word of God.

    Hate to say it but the mandate concerning obedience is in the scriptures. When I, as man, deviate from that Obedience, I am in direct conflict with God. The mote is in my eye! Therefore I will not cast any stone at anyone. I do understand the last member to be bridled is the "nasty member" known as the tongue! I am definately still working hard at that one. Still working at quite a few mandates including tolerance and love of my fellowman. CactusLil'
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    Hugs to you too my friend

    Please keep in contact

    see ya