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    I just saw your post to Nancy about your docs. hrs. Father I pray that You will hem in Judy's husband. Please don't let hime run or hide. Please shine Your light in his darkness and please order his steps to the doctors office and then please give the doctor wisdom in treating him. Thank you in Jesus Name Amen.
    You mood seems to be pretty good. I can't even beging to imagine what it must be like for you. It is so neat to see you growing more and more in the Lord. When we go through these things we develop a relationship with God that others can't or don't understand. When we are at our lowest He comes and meets us in such special ways that cannot be shared or described. Cherish those times. I am so tired of people always telling us to surrender or keep repenting of our sins. If we are reading our Bibles and praying on a reg. basis then God will show us when we are off track. Until that happens I don't worry about it. Just let Him love you. I have been on a journey for a few years now where I put away all the devotionals and books and started reading the Bible only and using my pen and a notebooks and reading what it really says and how we have distorted what God has said. Another life changing thing I did was get a copy of the Message Bible it is written in todays language. WOW. Reading the Psalms in it will blow your mind. Several years ago I burned out. In Psalm 51 David says Create in me a clean heart oh God. In the Message it says Make a Genesis week out of the chaos of my life. WOW!! That was so healing. Anyways even though this time sucks I am so excited to see what God is doing in your life. Let me know how your hubby makes out. Today was gorgeous. Went out and bought a pair of pants and top ( I am so bloated from the prednisone clothes don't fit) to go to the Christmas concert at Peoples Church in Toronto. My son has a client who was a back up singer for the Oak Ridge Boys who is singing in it and his daughter is playing Mary. App they have a full symphony orchestra. The guy said it is as good as a Broadway production. Anyways he gave us free passes to it Dec.9 I hope I will feel ok. It is a 45 min. drive plus they have wooden pews. Ouch!! It will be worth it. Then we might go to Swiss Chalet for their festive dinner. They are giving away Lindor Chocolates with it. Now I am a happy camper. Then my father called last night. Long story short he has Alzheimers and is failing fast and he has realized what a jerk he has been all our lives and has now turned into Mike Brady.(Remember the Brady Bunch) and wants my son and I to organize a lunch in a restaurant on the 16th for 30-40 members of the family. Yeah right!! Live sure isn't boring. Anyways enough babbling. Tea time and then I am going to cook a chicken. They were on sale this week. The last one I bought was 3 lbs and I got 8 count em 8 meals out of it. So come on over and help me eat it ok? Take care. Hope I distracted you for a few minutes. Love ya and praying for ya. Forgot to answer your question. My pain doc started me on amitrypline. It didn't work. We went as high as 25mg. He said he wouldn't go any higher because of weight gain. Haven't heard of the other drug. We will be reassessing next week. Thanks for the input.

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    My hubby came home tonight with the good news/bad news thing. "The bad news is I didn't see the doctor. The good news is my mom is smiling down from heaven because she taught me well."

    He got to the doctor's office at 4:30 and met my sister who had been there since 4:00. My sister got in to see the doctor at 5; my DH was still sitting in the waiting room at 7 p.m. A very sick old lady came in at that point to see the doctor. They were no longer registering patients because the doctor had reached his quota around 5 o'clock. If they booked the people who came after that, the doctor would have to stay until midnight.

    So, they refused to register her and called the other clinics trying to find one that had room for her. And this poor lady was travelling by bus! My DH was upset and asked the receptionist if there was some way that they could fit her in. When the receptionist said no, my dear hubby told her to give the lady his appointment and he would see the doctor another day. So I am proud of him for doing that and upset that he didn't get his AD's upped! But I told him that he did the right thing. He just better make an appointment tomorrow!

    That sounds like a wonderful concert - former Oak Ridge Boys back-up singer - wow! But the wooden pews are tough. Bring cushions. I bring at least two when I go to church because my back and tush couldn't last otherwise.

    We have the Swiss Chalet festive dinner every year. It is a family tradition. Some mothers bake cookies, I go to the Swiss Chalet drive-thru. :)

    Your dad is failing fast with Alzheimer's. That is a tough one especially if he has not been a good dad. You must have a lot of mixed feelings. I am sorry that you are having to deal with that.

    I find it interesting that you have concentrated your religious studies on the Bible only. I have been wondering where I should look for help in interpreting the Bible. I have read The Purpose Driven Life and found it helpful even though I didn't agree with everything Rick Warren says.

    I am not sure if reading the Bible alone is enough for me. Since I am new to this, I feel that I need some help. What do you think?

    You might want to search "Klonopin" on the main board to see how many people sleep well with it. It is Rivotril in Canada. I know that a lot of people think it is great. I hope that you find something that works soon.

    Praying for you to sleep and feel relief.
    Love, Pepper

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    Good to hear from you. My dad realizes his time is short so he is turning into a devoted father and wants to spend as much time with us as possible. We aren't used to this so we don't know how to react. My mom died of Alzheimers about 8 years at 65. Anyways enough of that. I am happy to hear that at least your hubby made it to the doc. I am still praying that he will actually get to see him. Living the Christian life is like living with this dd. Every body has an opinion on everything. For me I got tired of listening to everybody's opinion. Some of it was ok and some was out in la la land. For me I just got serious with God and asked Him how does He want me to live my life before Him. So that is the journey I am on. There are seasons for everything. This is my season and sometime I will be digging out books again. Some people need study books that are question and answer on all kinds of subjects. it all depends on what you are interested in. You get to know through trial and error who you like to read and who is out in la la land. I guess what I am trying to say is there is no right or wrong. I am a thinker and brooder. I have a Hebrew Greek Bible. I use it for studying because it gives you the real meaning of a word. I like reading in the Old Testament about the children of Israel. They sure did stupid stuff and along with the kings they never seemed to learn their lessons. I also like the parables of Jesus. They are so neat and about life. So you do what is right for you and don't feel guilty or that you have to live up to someone's expectations. Sounds like God has you in the Psalms for this season so just enjoy and do whatever. You are doing great. Thanks for the info on Rivitoril. I'll have to see if it is covered. Keep in touch.
    Talk to you soon.
    Love ya