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    How are you doing? I have been reading more this weekend than actually posting. I am home now and had a good uneventful trip. In some years I have ended up in a ditch going the opposite way and in a cornfield. This was due to icy roads.

    Luckily nothing like that happened this bright and sunny weekend. Yeah. It was gorgeous downstate. It got up in the upper 60's and my mom and I put out her big lighted manger scene yesterday with no coats on. Unheard of but I loved it.

    I had a good time. We had a great Thanksgiving dinner at my sister's house. I am definitely going to have to lose the weight I gained. I bought some jeans this weekend and there is one place that has jeans that actually fit. I was trying them on(same size as always) yesterday after eating way too much. I am sure if anyone could have seen me it would have been quite a scene trying to get them zipped up. LOL

    Slumber party eh? I already asked Cath if I could bring my cat and then I read your post asking the same thing. Ha. Good minds think alike. LOL

    I was reading the board very quickly this morning as I knew I had to get packed and going as quick as I could. I didn't have time tonight to go back and find the post but I think you said your hubby might go to the doc. Is that right? That would be fantastic. I am not surprised at all though.

    I feel that this has only been a temporary set back. I strongly believe that God will guide you both. I have definitely had times in my life where victory was proceeded by some really awful and hard times.

    I see you growing stronger and stronger in the Lord. I know this seems very simple but all he asks of us is us. Does that make sense. He wants us and all of us. He wants for us to desire to be with Him as much as He desires to be with us. It is a very beautiful and intimate thing.

    When we start putting God first in all we do it is amazing how he will turn your life upside down for the good.

    I just looked to see how late it is. I need to get to bed. It is good to be able to talk to you all again.

    Take care and know that I have a bubble bath every morning and you are in my prayers during that time. Take care. So who is going to get the big bed???? Probably all the cats. LOL

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    I am glad you made it home safely without doing any 360's on the highway. Thank goodness the weather was beautiful and there was no ice.

    The nice weather reached all the way up here too. It was 7 degress Celsius yesterday which is my kind of weather. I didn't need a jacket but most people did. I am guessing that 7 is almost 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Perfect!

    I wanted DH to put up the Christmas lights this weekend before the weather turns but he pretty well did nothing except play a million games of FreeCell. Depression is a terrible thing - both to experience and to watch.

    I sure hope that you are right and that this is only a temporary setback. Our GP is only available for drop-ins twice a week from 4:30-7 p.m. Please pray that he gets there. He needs those drugs! He said that he would try.

    I am feeling myself growing in the Lord, Nancy. I am sensing that all He wants is for us to be us. "He wants for us to desire to be with Him as much as He desires to be with us. It is a very beautiful and intimate thing." I am coming to understand this and am so happy to be living this way. I definitely feel a greater sense of peace.

    The chimney cleaner came to clean out our fireplace on Saturday and he sang along with the music on the Christian station which was playing on the stereo. When he was leaving I thanked him for making my fireplace safe once again. He told me that the fireplace was safe but my family was safe because "Jesus is in this house". He raised his arms and said "Praise the Lord". It was a little strange coming from a chimney cleaner whom I had never met before, but I was comforted by his words.

    Now, as for the slumber party, I have an 8 lb cat who doesn't like to share the king size bed. She takes up one very small corner of the bed and when her big (13.5 lb) brother tries to sleep on the opposite corner she goes after him. And he usually leaves although he could easily have her for breakfast. I am trying to teach her to share (like you can teach a cat anything). Hopefully she will learn before the slumber party!

    Boy do I know that squeezing into the jeans problem. I have changed sizes so many times since I got these DD's. Right now I am between sizes so I can wear the ones that hang on me or I can lie down on the bed and suck in my stomach while I zip up.

    I hope you can lose the Thanksgiving pounds before the Christmas pounds start packing on!

    Have a good week, Nancy.
    Love, Pepper

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    Or is it Judy now?????

    Did you make it to the doctor with hubby today? I have been praying along those lines. That is great that you have walk in hours. I think that is unheard of around here. We do have emergency clincs you can do that.

    That is such great news about your BIL. Wow. God is really encouraging us these days. I hope this is uplifting news to hubby also. Yes, depression is an awful thing and with men it can vent as anger which is difficult to deal with.

    It seemed like the meds made a really fast transformation the first time and I am praying for that this time. Of course the challenge is getting him to the doc but I think you can twist his arm off can't you???

    The chimney man sounded so neat. When others recognize the fact that we are Christians it is a bonding that can happen even with strangers. My furnace people are all Christians. The owner of the company goes to my church and has been in my Sunday school so when his workers come out it is nice to know that they are Christians.

    Mindy, my cat, weighs less than 8 pounds and is the biggest chicken you have ever seen in your life. If fact most people have never seen her because as soon as she hears the doorbell she flies upstairs and under the bed. She is scared of her own shadow.

    So if I take her to the slumber party no one will see her. Her head will be hiding under my arm like when she goes to the vet. So I guess there will be no competion for places on the bed as far as she is concerned. LOL

    I hope to hear good news from today. I will keep prayin, prayin', you get the idea. LOL

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    Pepper (or Judy) here! I have always hated my name and loved the opportunity to "change it" when I came on here. My DIL has a friend named Pepper and I love that name - so I stole it!

    In the old days we Irish Catholics were given several names when we were born. We took an additional name at Confirmation. I added "Nancy" to my long list of names because I loved that name. So when anyone asked me my name, I answered "Mary Margaret Judith Ann Theresa Nancy". :) But now I'd rather have a cool name like Pepper!

    Hubby made it to the doctor today but didn't get to see him. I know he was there because he visited with my sister in the waiting room for a long time. When he came home, he told me "The bad news is I didn't get to see the doctor. The good news is my mom is smiling down from heaven because she taught me well."

    Our doctor sees patients on a drop-in basis from 4:30 until 7 (or 8, can't remember) p.m. You have to be there early because once he has reached his quota they stop letting people register. My sister got there at 4 p.m. and was seen at 5. My DH got there at 4:30 and was still sitting in the waiting room at 7 p.m. when a very sick old lady came in to register. They refused to register her because the doctor had his "quota", ie. he doesn't stay past a certain time.

    DH told me that this lady was obviously feeble and sick and the receptionist called other clinics trying to find one that had room. And she was travelling by bus! So my dear hubby told the receptionist to give this lady his place and he would make an appointment another day. I am proud of him for doing that - and mad at him for not seeing about increasing his AD's! But I didn't tell him the last part.

    So if he doesn't make an appointment tomorrow, there will definitely be some arm twisting going on around here. He does respond very quickly to medications so I am looking forward to an improvement soon.

    Mindy is so tiny! Scribbles is 8 lb+ and she is very petite. My sisters came for a visit this afternoon and they couldn't get over how small she is. She is a feisty little thing though and would probably scare poor Mindy.

    Her big brother is a chicken and lets her do whatever she wants except eat his food. He draws the line there.

    Bottom line, there is no news here today. Are you exhausted after your big weekend? How are you feeling? I hope that all is well.

    Thank you for praying. You are on my prayer list every day.

    Love, Pepper

    P.S. I forgot to tell you that the Canadian Brass is going to be in town this week. I looked at the tickets and they are way out of our price range at the moment. I sure hope DH has a job when they come back next![This Message was Edited on 11/27/2006]