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Discussion in 'Caregivers' started by mom, Mar 15, 2002.

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    So how is life treating you? Very gently I hope. I think spring may be just around the corner. The ravens are starting to take the branches off my willow trees again and dropping them in the chimney across the road to build a nest. They do this every year. I told the lady she should have her chimney checked every year before she turns on the heat.
    When the sun is shining like it is today, it's usually to cold to enjoy but today even the temp. is starting to co-operate. Now if it will just continue.
    Hope the world is sunny for you and all others here on the board.
    take care
    mom lynda
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    Hi, Mom, so nice of you to think of me, and glad your weather is good for you at this time, seems the weather has lots to do with health issues, our temp has been in 60's am and 80' by afternoon, spring is perfact here in Florida.
    How is your grandkid, your not spoiling him are you? my 4 are rotten, age 12 to 18.
    Willow, is the one that keeps me jumping, her husband went to hospital, this week, was dizzy, sick to stomach, it was an inner ear problem, the polon this time of year has caused this for many.
    I am looking faward to my trip in Orlando, hoping to get lots of info on this fms mess, Willow is in so much pain all the time, seems it never lets up anymore, and it make me so sad to watch her suffer, you remember the confrence that has been posted several times? anyway there's gonna be lots of speakers, and the get-a-way will be good for both of us.
    hope you are having good days, and that they continue.
    take care and God bless