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    Hi Prickles, and everyone else too! I just wanted to tell you I found your new site, and you did a wonderful job. I did post a message to you there. I especially love the little cards to hand out to people who don't know what is going on. I read something interesting there about the muscle tension. I have so much of it, didnt know it was from the Fibro, but that part about the muscles staying tense during sleep, that is a major issue with me. No matter when I wake up, they are tense, so tense especially around my neck and shoulders and back. I try to relax them and nothing works, and I could not figure out why they dont relax when I sleep. I wake up alot during the night too. I was never sure I had Fibro in addition to my RA, but after reading all those symptoms I guess I do. Now I need to find a doctor. Do muscle relaxers help any? I just wish my shoulders would relax for a minute. They just wont. Thanks
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    It is more common than folks realize, but some people have both. Susan

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